ICYTWAT “Psychotic Women Luv Me”

by NO JUMPER on June 09, 2021

Written by Logan Woodard

Underground veteran ICYTWAT has stepped out of the shadows, bringing us his newest music video for his single titled “Psychotic Women Luv Me.” This is without a doubt the Chicago rapper and producer’s most creative endeavor yet, taking a leap of faith directly into the spotlight. With the help of talented filmers/directors known as Ant (@antpantone) and Third Earth (@third.earth), the whirlwind of ICYTWAT’s one-of-a-kind production and rapping meshes beautifully with both directors' visual escapades. To put it simply, this was a long time coming for the ‘Audio Pastel’ legend and creator; however, it was just a matter of time before these 3 incredibly talented creatives linked up.

Psychotic Women Luv Me may be a catchy, eye-drawing title on its own. It provokes many thoughts and experiences in one’s self, of all the crazy significant others or people in general one crosses paths with. Nonetheless, one could catch a slight, “Quentin Tarantino'' vibe from that title. But, pulling back the curtain on this song and video in conjunction with its genius name is all the more riveting. Working with vast amounts of different mediums and editing styles should be no stranger to the average director/filmmaker in today’s creative space. In almost any decent rap music video, there’s a constant switch between different film formats, genres, transitions, and more. With that being said, upon first watch, you may feel like this is something you’ve seen before. But a more in depth look immediately changes your mind. According to a post by Ant, over a 1000 frames were printed for this video alone, along with the block of ice shown in the video being actually animated. Speaking more on that, there's a unique use of animation all-around here: a cut out frame of ICYTWAT being lit on fire then reversing back to its original paper state, the digitally manufactured ice cube, and more. It’s quick, pleasant, witty, and keeps your attention on 100% without giving you a headache. This music video is not only visually stimulating, but the ‘feels’ attached to it is what truly brings ICYTWAT’s rapping and producing to life here. 

Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a song that’s going to directly sit you in the backseat of your emotions and have you staring out the window. This effortlessly mean, punchy production layered with a soft, jazz-like sample or set of chords is far from embellished. It’s the forefront of ICYTWAT’s enigmatic sound and created only by him. It wouldn’t be far removed to say that there isn’t a tinge of vaporwave sound somewhere in there; but more or less, one could call it generic inspiration leading to the discovery of his magnum opus. The growth over the last 5 years is outrageous, manifesting his production style from simple melodies, old 90’s R&B synths/samples, and trap drums to a completely curated sound only an underground rap fan would be able to put their finger on. To further the concept of being “underground,” one could insinuate that ICYTWAT himself couldn’t care less. Ducking in and out of the realm of underground music, long-term hiatuses, and an overhaul of your original sound to something completely different are all the common themes that are witnessed in this world of rap/trap music. ICYTWAT is just here to make unique tunes and that’s it.

This rare and unparalleled artistry is hard to come by, especially with the over-saturation in today’s selection of rap and hip-hop music. ICYTWAT is unapologetically himself and continues to contribute an intense amount of unrivaled creativity and music. His cult-like fanbase is expecting nothing less from the Audio Pastel extraordinaire and are patiently waiting for a full-length release, akin to the extreme amount of genius we see here on Psychotic Women Luv Me.


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