JGreen ‘Waiting To Exhale II’

by Aidan C Werder on September 27, 2021

On Friday, the elusive Florida-native JGreen dropped a new project ‘Waiting To Exhale II’ - a 7-track EP with an impressive list of perfectly-paired features including Hotboii, Jackboy, PnB Rock, Booka600, and Kalan.frfr. 

For those new to JGreen, this new project is an excellent sampling of the different versions of his distinct, melodic style. There are gentle, instrumental street ballads like “Confessions”, “All On Me” feat. Jackboy, and the previously released “Never Switching Sides” feat. Hotboii. There are harder-edged, more trap-influenced tracks like “Free Smoke”, “Geeked” featuring Booka600 of Lil Durk’s OTF, as well as “Grave Digger” - the video for which is out now, released on Friday along with the project. 

On ‘Waiting To Exhale II’,  we also get to hear a bit of a different, lighter side of the normally deadly serious JGreen. Earlier this summer we were treated to “Outside” with PnB Rock, a fun summery song perfect for the ‘return to outside’ - and with the new release absolutely knocking it out of the park with “Lean Wit It” - a groovy, lighthearted track bringing together the unlikely team of Green, Jackboy, and one of the most exciting west coast talents on the rise, Kalan.frfr for what is likely going to be one of the standout moments from the project. 

JGreen is a talented 22-year-old out of South Florida known for his soft-spoken melodic style and gritty, hard-edged street lyrics. He first rose to prominence as one of the founding members and obvious standouts of the popular Florida-based YNW movement (alongside YNW Melly), before Green parted ways to pursue his career independently under his own 510 Music Group. From there, he dropped what would become his breakout hit, “Rugged”. His captivating sing-rapping style and streetwise lyrics, combined with the image of a babyfaced JGreen toting oversized firepower put the internet in a frenzy - with the WSHH premiere sitting at over 25M views today. 

Since then, JGreen has been building up 510 Music Group and finding his way independently - in 2019 dropping ‘Soul On Ice’ featuring the track “Bonnie N’ Clyde”, still one of his biggest tracks to date. In 2020 he dropped ‘510’, with standout track “Influence” as well as the remix to his breakout hit “Rugged” featuring the highly in-demand, Mozzy. This summer, in addition to “Outside” and “Never Switching Side” he also dropped “Woo On Me” featuring New York’s On point like OP of 1090 Music Group.  Along the way, Green added Oz Sparx to the 510 roster - a talented, Philly-native with his own soft-spoken melodic style that while similar to Green’s, evokes much more of a pop feel. The two have joined their complementary styles on multiple songs, most notably on “Pistol” and “Knock”. And you can get a sense of Sparx’s compelling style from his popular tracks like “Fake”, “Vlone Friends”, and “Hindi” - or on his latest release, “Lifestyle” released just last week. 

Given the quality of his music, the success of his past (and current) hits, the level to which he is liked and respected amongst fellow artists (both in his native Florida and around the industry), and his hugely compelling backstory and past association with YNW - JGreen is a wildly underrated talent with a lot to give. He is truly a key figure in the story of the development of the now vibrant Florida rap scence (which you can hear more about in his 2019 No Jumper interview with Adam) and his music reflects the reality of life in the thick of one of the most notorious and talked-about regions in the country. 

‘Waiting To Exhale II’ is a great introduction to the melodic, streetwise style of JGreen. Hopefully, his recent IG posts stating that he’s “tired of holding on to music” means that there’s more in the works! For now, check out the video for “Grave Digger” below - and be on the lookout for new visuals from the project coming soon. 


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