JID & Lil Yachty “Van Gogh”

by Aidan C Werder on February 08, 2022

This week JID and Lil Yachty linked up for a surprise straight-to-YouTube single, “Van Gogh.” Despite being hidden away on Cardogotwings’ YouTube channel, every aspect of this collab is a home run: from the insane rapid-fire flows, to the sick production by Cardo, to the eye-popping visual directed by Waboosh. 


Van Gogh” opens and immediately grabs your attention with its crisp, bassy production as Yachty intros the track by repeatedly asking “You get that? You got that? Good.” As the Cardo-produced beat drops, JID unleashes his signature wordy flow - always managing to be both high energy and extraordinarily chill at the same time - before seamlessly trading bars with Boat at interestingly irregular intervals. The incredibly versatile Yachty more than holds his own with the Dreamville wordsmith, contrasting JIDs dense, dynamic flow with a captivating and unrelenting cadence of his own. If you had to give Boat’s understated delivery on this track a name, you might affectionately refer to it as “mumble rap” - which is ironically the same name that old heads used to insult him and explain how little longevity he would have… when he first entered the game over 7 years ago. 


While the pair’s hypnotic verses unfold, the equally mesmerizing music video (directed by Waboosh) perfectly mirrors the production with crisp, choppy edits - interspersed with wild images of animated fine art depicting surreal versions of Yachty and JID, at different times channeling iconic, hyper-stylized artists like Andy Warhol, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and the song’s namesake and final lyric, Van Gogh. 


Van Gogh” is an unexpected collab that’s already leaving some fans begging for more Yachty x JID tracks. Their styles are surely different, but complement and contrast each other in really interesting ways - displaying a chemistry that comes perhaps as a result of their shared status as young and underappreciated veterans of hip hop.  


Overall, “Van Gogh” is a total home run on all fronts: from the visual, to the production, to JID and Boat’s electric performance. 


Check out the video for “Van Gogh” - only on Cardogotwings’ YouTube channel. 


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