KA$HDAMI “Intermission”

by Aidan C Werder on October 18, 2021

On Friday, 16-year-old Soundcloud sensation, KA$HDAMI, dropped a brand new single titled “Intermission” along with a VFX-heavy visual (directed by Nick Welch & Karl with a K) that’s becoming a staple of the new emerging lane within hip hop Kash is helping to carve out. 


“Intermission” is a dynamic, bass-heavy banger with a compelling mix of bassy electronic production, punching bars, and a distinct, vibey melodic flow characteristic of this increasingly popular style of music - which appears only to be accessible to those born after the year 2000. 


KA$HDAMI is one of the young stars emerging out of a new wave of young, boundary-pushing artists making waves online and racking up millions of streams on YouTube and Soundcloud. This style is defined by vibey electronic production, sing-songy melodic flows, abstract audio effects, and lowercase song titles with money $igns for “S’s”. Appearing to pick up where the previous generation of Soundcloud superstars like Lil Uzi Vert, Yachty, Juice WRLD, and Playboi Carti left off in creating a new kind of rap-rockstar, these kids are totally unconcerned with what were once considered “the rules of rap”. Some names from the scene you might be familiar with are blossoming superstars like Lil Tecca, SoFaygo, and yvngxchris - with others on the rise like SSGKobe, $NOT, BabySantana, Pasto Flocco, CandyPaint, and a whole bunch more. 


Another commonality you’ll find between this rising class of artists are links to fellow boundary-pushers similarly unconcerned with “traditional hip hop”, big names like Trippie Redd, Cole Bennet & Lyrical Lemonade, Internet Money, and Lil Tecca - one of the first young stars to break out of this scene who is actively paying it forward by collaborating and even producing songs for many of his fellow rising stars, including KA$HDAMI’s “I Know” off his latest project, ‘epiphany’. 

KA$HDAMI has already worked with many of the artists occupying a similar lane, with BabySantana, SSGKobe, and yvngxchris all appearing on his album “epiphany” released in July of this year. Other standouts from the project include “Reparations!” and “Look N The Mirror!” - with a whopping 25M and 19M Spotify streams respectively. Since the project, he’s kept his foot on the gas with a new single, “Public”, a notable feature on Midwxst’s “LA”, as well as the highly-anticipated release of the Cole-Bennet directed visual for the fan-favorite BabySantana collaboration “14” - which already has 4.5M views on Lyrical Lemonade and over 9M Spotify streams, making it one of Kash’s biggest songs to date.

Regardless of how anyone feels about it, this blossoming genre birthed online is here to stay and growing at a rapid pace. Keep your eyes on the scene’s teenage stars like KA$HDAMI - who are already well on their way to becoming some of the most influential artists around. 

Check out the video for KA$HDAMI’s latest single “Intermissions” below - and be sure to check out his latest project “epiphany” released July 2021 for a proper introduction to this bold new sound. 


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