Kalan.frfr “Never Lose You”

by Aidan C Werder on September 06, 2021

Last month, Kalan.frfr dropped the visual for “Never Lose You” - a brilliantly executed story of love and loss in 2021, and a clear standout off his impressive project TwoFr 2, released in March of this year. 

“Never Lose You” is a hugely catchy, laid back love song centered around some pretty incredible production that strikes the perfect balance between hip hop, R&B, and that classic west coast sound (prod by. Daveo & Majik Beats). On “Never Lose You” we hear Kalan wrestling with his conscience as it relates to a past relationship - exploring the relatable feeling of having taken someone for granted he cares about, and now needing to find a way to reconcile with himself and move forward. 

Throughout the track, Kalan’s command over flow and melody is obvious - his distinct vocal striking a unique chord that is both catchy and makes the emotion feel fresh and believable every time. Given it’s popularity and potential to be a huge hit, getting the music video right was important - and Kalan did not disappoint. The visual is everything it should be: polished, straightforward, and does a great job of conveying the conflicting emotions described in the song. 

Kalan.frfr (pronounced, Kalan “for real for real” …for real) is a rare talent on the rise out of the west coast, combining clever songwriting, intricate bars, elements of R&B, and real singing chops - and infusing that with an LA swag and undeniable west coast feel that comes together to create an entirely new sound that feels both familiar and fresh at the same time. His recent project, TwoFr 2 has been making waves since it dropped back in March - featuring the fan-favorite “Never Lose You”, second only to “Scoring” - a more lighthearted, bragadocious party track dripping with west coast swag that has since gone on to become Kalan’s biggest solo track to date. The response to the project was so good, that he followed up with an extended version of TwoFr 2 with 6 new songs and big features from fellow rising California acts, 1TakeJay and BlueBucksClan, the beautiful and talented singer-songwriter Maeta, and even managed to snag the Voice himself, Lil Durk on “I Like”. 

Kalan.frfr is doing an excellent job carving out his own lane. Early on in his career he’s already achieved a level of versatility that many artists never reach - multiple hit solo tracks that make use of his distinct, well-developed signature sound but yet resonate with audiences for completely different reasons. “Scoring” is a baller’s anthem, “Never Lose You” is an introspective, self-aware love song - and yet both are hugely compelling and sound unmistakably like a Kalan.frfr record. 

The future looks bright for Kalan.frfr. His unique brand of hip hop infused with R&B and west coast influences has massive crossover appeal that’s only just beginning to take root. It will be exciting to watch as the rest of the country catches wind - and see where he takes his unique sound next. 

Watch the video for Kalan.frfr’s “Never Lose You” below - and be sure to check out the rest of his project, Two Fr.


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