Kalan.frfr Stamps His "Popstar" Status on His New Single

by Aidan C Werder on April 19, 2022

Kalan.frfr is an emerging star on the West Coast, and on his new single “Popstar” he makes it clear that he knows it. 

“Popstar” is just the latest example of Kalan’s charismatic melodic rap style infused with an unmistakable Cali-swag. With his first release of 2022 - following his hugely successful breakout year in 2021 with the release of ‘TwoFr 2’ - Kalan takes a more rap-forward approach as he delivers bar after braggadocious bar detailing the lavish popstar lifestyle: from the female attention to the expensive fits to a host of unexpected perks that come along with life in the fast lane. 

To match the extravagant picture he paints throughout the song, the Vision Bank-directed music video opens with a fully iced-out Kalan driving a bright red Bentley through the streets of Las Vegas - on his way to link with a literal team of models at the casino. Just like his fit, it’s pretty clear that Kalan spent a grip on this video shoot, and the final result has him looking like pop star for real. 

Many have tried, but in recent years Kalan is arguably the most successful at packaging the west coast sound for export to the mainstream. This new single channels that same confident flow as Kalan’s breakout hit “Scoring” - but only time will tell if it will take him to the same heights. Either way, “Popstar” is a solid entry and a strong statement about the emerging West Coast star’s lofty goals for the future. 

Watch the video for Kalan.frfr’s “Popstar” below


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