Kay Flock "Being Honest"

by Aidan C Werder on September 02, 2021

This week, the Bronx’s Kay Flock dropped the highly-anticipated video for “Being Honest” - an early fan favorite off his debut project and definitely in the running for one of the young Bronx driller’s best solo tracks to date. 

With 400K first day views, and a spot on the Youtube Music Trending list, it’s clear that demand for Kay Flock is high. “Being Honest” strikes a different tone from Kay Flock’s normally aggressive and in-your-face Bronx drill style - centered around a perfectly executed vocal sample-led, understated drill beat produced by the quietly rising Queens-native producer Sho Beatz. On “Being Honest” Kay Flock takes advantage of the softened production to show the versatility of his gritty, aggressive style - finding a unique pocket for his distinct flow to paint sobering pictures of the environment that molded him. 

The accompanying music video - shot & directed by the quietly prolific Alex and Tristan Demic of Ring Ring Visuals - shows us a different side of Kay Flock, taking care to elevate the young artist in a way that matches the song’s somber tone and reflects the potential of both the track and its rising star. 

Kay Flock’s distinct vocal qualities and Bronx-drill flow combined with his unique, wild energy and unquestionable authenticity - paired with captivating, forward-thinking drill beats and clever, vivid songwriting all come together to create what is easily one of the most exciting new artists out of New York City.

Kay Flock has been red-hot ever since “Brotherly Love” dropped in March of this year - the supercharged collab track with close collaborators Dougie B and B Lovee with over 3.7M views that had the city in a frenzy and launched the trio of rising stars into the spotlight. Since then, Kay Flock cannot miss, dropping a stream of well-received singles including “T Cardi”, “Geeked”, and “Is Ya Ready” - all with millions of views on Youtube - as well as a dope project that has since disappeared from streaming platforms (quite possibly having something to do with the rumors about a major deal being signed). Kay Flock’s consistent, quality releases, his unique sound and magnetic personality, and his over-the-top antics (both on and off the court) have generated a significant and sustained buzz - landing him on watchlists of every major label, on trending charts, and he’s even popped up on Drake’s radar. 

Don’t sleep on B Lovee or Dougie B either. The trio swears they aren’t a group, but they sure do move as a unit. B Lovee has been around the longest of the three, and is definitely one of the hottest things moving in the Bronx. He’s racked up millions of views on his own with tracks like “Spot”, “C.O.E”, and most recently “IYKYK” (his biggest song to date with over 3.6M views) - as well as his collabs wth Kay Flock: “Shot Down” “Opp Spotter” and “Speed Racing”. It’s also worth noting B Lovee was spotted sporting a HBTL chain recently… take from that what you will. 

Dougie B is a hugely charismatic, high-energy fireball who is clearly next up. Initially, Dougz was locked up as Kay Flock and Blovee began their ascent - and you would frequently hear the two shout out #FreeDougieB, and subsequently, #NoMoreFreeDougieB after he was released earlier this year. Since then, Dougie has made the most of his freedom - channeling his lightning-in-a-bottle energy into music, stealing the spotlight on viral hit “Brotherly Love”, and releasing a series of impressive singles and collaborations as he somehow manages to bring the same fiery energy. The obvious star power of Dougie B definitely makes him one to watch in the future. 

The takeaway here is that there is a lot of talent in the Bronx, and Kay Flock is certainly doing his part to pave the way. “Being Honest” is a great moment for drill, as it shows there is more than just one speed for the typically in-your-face New York style - and more than one lane for the Bronx’s rising star to dominate. 

Check out the video for Kay Flock’s “Being Honest” below.


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