Kay Flock, Dougie B & B Lovee “Brotherly Love”

by NO JUMPER on April 28, 2021

Written by Aidan Werder

Kay Flock, Dougie B, and B Lovee out of the Bronx have been making all kinds of noise in NYC with their new song. Their latest track “Brotherly Love” has been catching eyes around the city, racking up over 650K views in one month on account of the trio’s intense delivery, high energy visual, and a slight variation on the prevailing New York sound that you might call Bronx drill (or maybe not, what do I know). 

“Brotherly Love” has a uniquely dark and intense vibe that, coupled with the fiery energy of the young Bronx-native firecrackers, immediately reels you in. The choatic scene unfolding in the visual, combined with the haunting vocal-sample beat instantly creates an atmoshere where your left unsure of what anyone is going to do or say next.

Dougie B shines on the opening verse, delivering high energy relentless bars in an aggressive yet seemingly effortless flow - setting the tone for the standout track and matching the intense, frankly anxiety-provoking energy created by the combination of the haunting production and chaotic, red-tinted visual. Dougie B’s starpower is on full display here - delivering massive energy, unrelenting, cleverly written bars, and probably wins the award for most savage punchlines… we’ll let you figure out which ones we mean.

Kay Flock - probably the most notorious of the three - enters with somehow even more energy, delivering equally ferocious bars in his signature super-Bronx accent. The chemistry between Dougie and Kay Flock is obvious, feeding off each other’s complimentary vocals as they trade bars - at times even making it hard to distinguish between the two young fireballs. Kay Flock has been making noise all throughout quarantine, dropping a steady stream of high energy singles - racking up hundreds of thousands of views on collabs with B Lovee like “Speed Racing” and “Opp Spotter” - the latter of which is approaching 900K on Youtube since it dropped in September. All the while holding it down for the team while Dougie B was locked up #NoMoreFreeDougieB. As a testament to the buzz around Kay Flock, recently a supposed leak of his new track amassed over 200K views on Youtube. 

Last but not least, B Lovee comes in to close out the track with an equally grimey verse, making use of his raspy vocal to perfectly tie a bow on this high energy, gritty track. B Lovee has also been making noise in his own right with tracks like “Shot Down” “Through The Coat” and most recently dropped “C.O.E.” Of the “Brotherly Love” trio, B Lovee is actually the only one with more than few tracks released - in December dropping his debut project, Courtlandtbaby - which featured a collaboration with HighBridge the Label’s Don Q titled, “Ready Or Not.”

From the intense instrumental, unapologetically hardcore lyrics, and almost offputtingly believable delivery mixed with the raw chaotic energy displayed in the red-toned visual - while all the emotions that it evokes may not be warm and fuzzy - the whole production is undeniably captivating and really makes it hard to look away throughout the entire 4-minute music video. 

“Brotherly Love” screams of potential for these three rising stars out the Bronx, each talented and generating a buzz in their own right. Definitely interested to see what Kay Flock, Dougie B, and B Lovee have planned for the future. Check out the video for “Brotherly Love” below and keep your eyes peeled for announcements from these excitng new artists. 



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