KayCyy “The Sun”

by Aidan C Werder on March 14, 2022

On Friday, the Grammy-nominated KayCyy, dropped his highly anticipated three-pack,TW20 50 in collaboration with legendary French producer, Gesaffelstein - and with it the immaculate, eye-popping visual for “The Sun”. 

For those who aren’t hip to what Ye’s apparent new prodigy has been working on in the shadows, “The Sun” will help you see the light. In addition to a Grammy-nom for his contributions on DONDA, the multi-talented KayCyy has quietly been crafting his own unique, impressively well-developed sound and finally seems ready to make his move. 

The Sun” is a tightly executed display of KayCyy’s full range - with the contrast of his ethereal affected-vocal and rap bars with the dramatic, ebbing-and-flowing bassline creating an instantly catchy bounce from the first listen. Like with many of his tracks, it has the effect of feeling familiar, but you would have a hard time pinpointing where you’ve heard something exactly like it - perhaps the true mark of when an artist has successfully synthesized the popular sounds of the day. 

The visually stimulating, black-and-gold visual perfectly matches the intense energy of the track - equally well suited for the club or a late-night solo cruise down the highway. In the unique music video, we see KayCyy flanked by giant screens alternating between dazzling images of dancing golden Aztec architecture and a mesmerizing solid gold wall while sporting an all-black, puffy-silhouette outfit that Kanye and the current-era Playboi Carti would surely be proud of. The climax of the track would certainly have to be the dramatic bass drop two-thirds of the way through, where KayCyy is seen ascending into the heavens like Yeezus himself rising out of Mercedes Benz Stadium.

The mysterious, Kenyan-born KayCyy has always been a special talent, but when he started popping up around Kanye during the leadup to DONDA it became clear that this was no regular come up. In many ways, this three-pack is KayCyy’s official arrival on the scene, showcasing his impressively developed style and strong command over a wide range of dynamic, extremely fresh sounds. On TW20 50 he successfully showcases three distinct flavors, pairing some of the best elements of the underground (positive energy, high pitched affected vocals, energetic rap bars, and an emphasis on vibe over all else) with incredibly polished, and multi-layered production easily at the same quality-level as a Travis, Carti, or The Weeknd.  

In the same way that those three artists in particular came out of the gate with a highly original, fully-baked signature style, KayCyy already appears to be following in those big footsteps. Overall, TW20 50 is a huge win for KayCyy - hinting at a promising road ahead for the talented young star eagerly waiting in the wings.  

Watch the video for “The Sun” below - and check out the rest of KayCyy’s new release, TW20 50. 


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