Ken Car$on “Rock N Roll”

by Aidan C Werder on March 28, 2022

Ken Car$on finally dropped his long-awaited video for “Rock N Roll” - the clear standout from his 2021 album, Project X and easily one of his biggest songs to date with over 7.7M streams on Spotify alone and now over 100K views in its first day on YouTube. 

With the extremely notable backing of Playboi Carti’s Opium label, Ken Car$on is making a strong case to be the next rap-rockstar rising out of the increasingly popular new-wave SoundCloud landscape with his rage-infused underground hits like this latest release. Based around bass-heavy, busy synth-driven production, you don’t have to be a fan of the underground to appreciate the immediately infectious “Rock N Roll”. The centerpiece of the track is surely its chorus, where the song’s swelling synths create a wild, frenetic energy as the bass drops away - only to re-enter with twice the punch as Ken let’s you know exactly how he rolls in the easily sing-a-long-able repetitive chorus. 

The highly produced Oliver Shore-directed visual for “Rock N Roll” takes Ken and his signature white/grey dreads through a series of trippy scenes. The video starts out rather unassumingly in a run-down bedroom before a voluptuous, potentially alien woman jumps out of the TV screen to send Ken down a psychedelic rabbit hole aided by surreal edits and a very well done anime-style animation - not to mention an impressively deep cast of extras. 

Over the last two years, Ken Car$on has quietly positioned himself at the forefront of the new wave of artists breaking through from the underground. After coming out of the gate with his own brand of turnt-up, synth-heavy hip hop with songs like “Yale” - he caught the eye of one of the undeniable forefathers of the movement, later signing to Playboi Carti’s secretive record label. He followed his 2020 project Teen X with the hugely popular Project X in 2021, which featured some of his biggest songs to date including “Rock N Roll”, “Run + Ran”, and “Hella”. Most recently, he dropped a new single “Teen Bean” in addition to appearing on “Gëek High” alongside fellow underground enigma, Yeat, on his recent chart-topping album, 2 Alivë.

Taking a page out of the Carti playbook, Ken Car$on doesn’t exactly drop frequently or make his plans known to the public. Just like on “Rock N Roll” however, when he does pop out he makes sure to make a splash. Keep an eye out for Ken Car$on and the rest of the mysterious Opium roster. 

Watch the video for Ken Car$on’s “Rock N Roll” below. 


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