Key Glock "I'm The Type"

by NO JUMPER on March 10, 2021

Written by Logan Woodard

As we approach the sequel to Dum & Dummer, a collaborative album by Key Glock and Young Dolph, Glizock himself reveals his video for “I’m The Type.” Simple and up front in its nature, the Memphis rapper takes a hold of the reins and dives deep into the type of n***a he is, versus the type that you are. Glock lets the flood gates open, rapping “I’m the type of n***a that’s gon’ scratch you off the list. You the type of n***a that’s gon’ throw a rock and snitch.” And, “I just bought 2 chains and both them bitches cost a crib, ay, I just bought 2 chains AND I just bought a crib.” To add to that, in the video, Key Glock lobs a beautiful one-handed shot from his patio to his basketball court, sinking it while rapping to the camera. Was it luck or was it calculated? Most would prefer the latter. Key Glock truly gets in his bag in this music video. And after 3 strong years in hip-hop, with multiple well-received projects, he doesn’t need to prove anything anymore. He’s here to stay, whether you agree or not. 

Since his big breakout tape “Glock Season” back in 2017, Glock was brought in and signed to Paper Route Entertainment by another Memphis icon known as Young Dolph. Dolph also happens to be Key Glock’s cousin. From then til’ now, the sheer workload and quality of music that’s been released by the rapper has been staggering. A year later, Glock would release 2018’s Glockoma, a bare-boned, hard hitting project with vigorous tracks like “Since 6ix” and “Crazy.” Leading into 2019, the long-awaited collab project from Young Dolph and Glock called Dum & Dummer would actually go on to reach #9 on the Billboard 200. This featured a nasty, hard hitting track titled “Baby Joker.” The year 2020 really gave many artists time to work and release polished new music with the rise of COVID-19. Glock refrained from holding back new music, blessing us with 2 full-length projects titled “Yellow Tape” and “Son Of A Gun.” 

Sliding into this new year of 2021, we now await the release of Dum & Dummer 2. Both Glock and Young Dolph are chipping away at the intense wait, releasing “Case Closed'' and here right in front of us: “I’m The Type.” It’s hard to say the impact the sequel may have in comparison to its first project, but when analyzing these newly-released singles, fans are urging for March 25th to come sooner. Check out the video for “I’m The Type” by Key Glock below and go check the No Jumper Blog for hot new artists and music.


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