Kodak Black “Closure”

by Aidan C Werder on December 07, 2021

On Thursday, Kodak Black dropped a new standalone single, “Closure”, yet another release that’s already Trending #2 on YouTube with over 1.5M views in just 48 hours - further continuing his historic run since his release from prison in January 2021 following a presidential pardon from then President Donald Trump. 


The backbone of “Closure” is a beautifully crafted, soulful beat centered around a simple yet powerful vocal sample, perfectly setting the stage for Kodak’s one of a kind flow and thoughtfully worded bars - delivering words of wisdom and laying out the rules of the game in a way that only he can. Always riding the lines between rapping & singing and introspection & irreverence, once again Kodak manages to weave tales of his tumultuous upbringing and various incarcerations that are not only catchy and well-crafted - but authentic, relatable, and relayed in such a way that those in similar circumstances can hear it. 


The video for “Closure” shows Kodak making the most of his sprawling Florida estate - utilizing the fully stocked home studio, doing his best guitar playing impression, and writing letters to loved ones still locked up. There are also several lines in “Closure” that seem to directly address the ongoing disagreements Kodak has had with his longtime right hand man, Jackboy. While it’s sad to see two childhood friends at such odds, they do seem to be channeling their differences in the most positive possible way by creating wildly popular and catchy songs. 


Ever since his historic and unexpected release earlier this year, Kodak has exceeded expectations. First dropping the ‘Haitian Boy Kodak’ EP with songs like “Z Look Jamaican”, “Don’t Leave Me” and “Maffioso” - followed by the huge singles, “Feelin’ Peachy” and “Before I Go” feat. Rod Wave this summer, the videos for which amassed 28M and 14M views respectively. In October, he dropped a legendary collaboration with Chief Keef, a remix of Nardo Wick’s “Who Want Smoke” that has earned nearly 4M views on an audio-only Youtube video. Since then, Kodak has cleverly been shining a light on his Sniper Gang artists with a new project ‘Sniper Gang Presents Syko Bob & Snapkatt: Nightmare Babies’ - which included the hugely viral Kodak solo tracks: “Killing the Rats” and “Super Gremlin” which have earned 9.2M and and a whopping 18M views respectively in under two months. 


In conclusion, the demand for Kodak Black is enormous - and all he has to do is keep doing what he’s doing. “Closure” is another prime example of his rare ability to create hit songs that resonate across barriers - and a sign to supporters that there is no slowing down in sight. 


Check out the video for Kodak Black’s “Closure” below. 


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