Kodak Black “Easter In Miami”

by NO JUMPER on April 08, 2021

Written by Logan Woodard

Through all the trials and tribulations young Kodak Black has experienced, he still manages to put his art and passions first, providing us with an Easter Sunday classic titled “Easter in Miami.” Surrounded by close friends in Easter-color suits, Kodak gives us a sneak peak into his life post-penitentiary. Living vivaciously, he sports his mint-green Lamborghini Truck sitting on beautiful bronze rims, customized with the moniker he’s given himself: Kutthroat Bill. The video is akin to a highlight reel, exhibiting Kodak in all his best moments, his best self, and living the life he’s been urging for. 

Kodak has been stretching his rap skills within the last few years, really upping the anty in comparison to his 2016 XXL Freshman class. He’s become something close to a chameleon, really blending in with any beat he raps on. Easter In Miami ‘s production is a cut and clean southern classic. A sped up and chopped sample with fast paced drums and just enough room for breath to let Kodak’s strong, unique vocals fill the space. To add on top of that, his lyrics are becoming more stylistically his own. He raps: “I’m sending locs, as soon as i get out, spin it quicker, yeah. Like eskimo, got so much drip runnin’ down my ligaments, yeah.”  

Though Easter In Miami might not have any placements on his upcoming project, we’re hoping to get more tracks like this from Kodak Black. The Florida rapper has really set himself apart from others in regards to his art and work ethic. Little is known of an official project coming out since his release, but stream “Easter In Miami” in the link below.


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