Kodak Black ‘Midas Touch’

by Aidan C Werder on March 04, 2022

This week, Kodak Black dropped the visual for “Midas Touch” - one of many standout moments off his latest album, Back For Everything. Once again, Yak proves that everything he touches really does turn to gold after landing the #1 album in the world in all genres. 


“Midas Touch” is a great example of what listeners can expect from the new album, from Kodak’s iconic delivery of totally original melodies to its unorthodox but captivating production - often featuring some hard-to-recognize instrument sounds. As he is known to do, Kodak casually makes a bold claim where it’s hard to miss: “I got the Midas touch, every artist I put on blew.” Making the case front-and-center on the song’s hook that every artist he backs goes on to be successful, only to leave him hanging… which up until this point is pretty hard to argue with. 


One thing to note about this song and the album in general, while it does strike a slightly gentler tone Kodak is still coming as hard as ever. Throughout the project, he paints vivid, gritty pictures of an unforgiving life in the streets of Pompano - but in a way that feels more introspective and reflective than it does negative.


The video for “Midas Touch” - shot by CameraManChris and directed by Yak himself - shows Kodak on one of his controversial visits to his old stomping grounds and somehow finding entire Gucci and Fendi-themed houses to match his head-to-toe designer fits. This video could also be one of the last looks at Kodak’s iconic wicks, since then having chopped his eye-catching hairstyle to return to his original Boosie fade. 


Equally talented as he is raw, Kodak Black is a rare breed of artist that consistently remains at the forefront of music and culture. For the better part of a decade, this 24-year-old artist has put up MVP numbers and created countless classic moments. Despite troubles off the court, Kodak has managed to stay focused and drop timeless hits with massive and perhaps unexpected crossover appeal, earning the respect of fellow artists in all genres… even Ed Sheeran rocks with the Sniper Gang. 


Once again with the #1 album in the country, it’s safe to say that Kodak Black does indeed have the “Midas Touch”


Check out the video for “Midas Touch” below:


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