Lil Yachty "BAR FOR BAR" ft. DC2TRILL

by NO JUMPER on June 24, 2021

Written by Aidan Werder

DC2Trill goes “Bar for Bar” with his new partner and fellow Concrete Boy Lil Yachty on the scorching hot, Michigan-heavy single “Bar for Bar”. 

“Bar for Bar” is an infectious, laid back track featuring dueling verses from DC2Trill and Lil Boat in the captivating, fast-growing Michigan-inspired flow. Instead of the louder, more upbeat in-your-face production the region has become known for, “Bar for Bar” - produced by Fleadiamonds & ZTonthebeat - takes a more stripped down approach, utilizing a simple melody and crisp booming bass to highlight the unique flow and one-of-a-kind bars from the adopted Michiganders.

DC2Trill is actually a Texas-native despite his decidedly Michigan-inspired flow, but like Yachty appears to have adopted the addictive flow as his own. While there are some subtle hints in the few singles and features previously released - like the chopped & screwed elements on “Shit Talkin” - you wouldn’t be faulted for confusing him for a Flint-native. Especially considering you’ve seen him brushing shoulders with many of Michigan’s greats - not to mention his verse on Yachty’s “Royal Rumble” featuring fives of the state’s most recognizable names.  

For those that may be unaware, there is a wave happening in Michigan. In addition to Detroit artists like 42 Dugg and Sada Baby - there is an undeniable underground wave happening with artists from cities like Detroit and Flint making serious noise with their unique, chaotic brand of rap. Among other things, the style is characterized by its specific bass heavy production, shock value lyrics, and most of all its instantly recognizable, hard-to-describe flow that manages to be fast, slow, lazy, and incredibly intricate all in one. Michigan artists like Babyface Ray, Icewear Vezzo, and Rio da Youngan have been attracting a lot of attention in 2021 - as well as other prominent artists in the scene including Krispylife Kid, RMC Mike, Veeze, Peezy, Louie Ray, Grindhard E and bunch more, many of whom have worked together and/or with Yachty.

The “Michigan sound” is unique, and definitely an acquired taste - but one person who has certainly caught the bug is Lil Yachty. Fully embracing the sound, and in turn benign embraced by the scene, Boat has made it a priority to shine a light on what’s going in the Midwest - prominently featuring the Michigan flow as well as many of the region’s stars on his new project, even going so far as to title his new project ‘Michigan Boy Boat’. 

DC2Trill’s new video “Bar for Bar” and signing to Lil Yachty’s newly formed, cleverly branded, Concrete Boys, is a signal that this Michigan sound is here to stay - and DC2Trill is perfectly positioned to help bring the unique sound to the next level. 

Now, with the backing of Boat and the Concrete Boys, he is gearing up to leave his mark on the scene with his debut project. If “Bar for Bar” is anything to go by, my guess is that we’ll hear DC2Trill continue to explore different kinds of production to pair with his unique version of the regional flow. 

Check out “Bar for Bar” feat. Lil Yachty below, follow D2CTrill for announcements on new music.... and if you haven’t already do yourself a favor and get in tune with the Michigan movement. 


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