LouGotCash “Tatii”

by Aidan C Werder on December 23, 2021

Earlier this month, independent NY artist LouGotCash dropped “Tatii” - a fire new smooth drill single that’s quietly been racking up numbers over the past several weeks on account of its catchy hook and killer production that perfectly capitalizes on the increasingly popular sample drill wave sweeping NYC and the industry as a whole. 


From the first few seconds of Lou’s gentle melodic crooning and the pounding, asymmetrical base hits - it’s clear that “Tatii” is an instantly infectious song with a swag of its own. Lou absolutely walks over the tightly executed, vibey production as he half-raps-half-hums cleverly written bars about a current, fleeting love interest using subtle vocal presets, insular NYC lingo, and a hugely compelling less-is-more flow. 


The song is completed by a super crisp, Nimi Hendrix-directed visual shot high above the city in some exclusive NYC real-estate located just about as far downtown as one can go - using the entirety of the country's premiere city as the backdrop for the music video. Lou is also joined by a lovely female companion serving at the stand in for “Tatii” - by his side at the crib and in the Lamborghini as they hit the town. 


LouGotCash has been making noise for several years, but now that he’s back independent it seems like he is only getting better and better as he continues to develop his style and experiment with new sounds. “Tatii” is a big step in the right direction, placing him right in the middle of the smooth/sample drill wave happening right now pioneered by forward-thinking artists and producers like Cash Cobain. It’s no coincidence that since “Tatii” has caught fire, the two have paired up to create a groovy sample drill banger called “Poppin” that’s already starting to make the rounds since it dropped last week. 


Overall, LouGotCash clearly has a hit on his hands with “Tatii” (and very likely a second one with “Poppin” prod by Cash Cobain). It will be interesting to watch as he continues to drop new music and hopefully emerge as one of the frontrunners of NYC’s new wave. 


Check out the video for LouGotCash’s “Tatii” below. 


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