Lucki "Greed" ft Lil Yachty

by NO JUMPER on February 20, 2021

Written by Logan Woodard

Lucki finally gave his fans the collaboration they’ve been wanting to see and dropped a new song titled “Greed” featuring Lil’ Yachty. A simplistic, short yet sweet video was dropped along with it as well showing the pair linking up in Chicago, Lucki’s home turf. “I’m only in town tonight! I got my videographer right here. I’m in the city, hit me, let's shoot this shit right now, he’s hard” states Yachty, after pulling up to Lucki while in town. The video then starts, showing each rapper’s crew intertwining for the legendary collab between the two. 

Lucki begins the track up close and personal. He raps: “All this greed, you should kill yourself.” A strong and honest statement coming from the Chicago rapper, which his fans should be no stranger to. While he has typically worked with his own videographer and friend, Lonewolf, Lil’ Boat (Lil Yachty) brings in his own talent to shoot the video. It gives us a refreshing, unique set of visuals for a Lucki video, where most might be used to the extreme and distinctive edits and themes coming from Lonewolf. This video really exhibits both Lucki and Yachty’s willingness to work with an artist that they may have not worked with in the past, and is a testament to each rapper’s dedication to good music and art itself.

In the last 3 years, we’ve witnessed a true rebirth in Lucki’s work ethic as a creative and businessman. Working with different artists, videographers, and producers, he’s set himself apart from his counterparts in rap by being true to himself. Since 2017, we’ve received 5 projects, multiple singles and collaborations, and a recent E.P. which were all well received. The Chicago rapper has been able to develop a sort of cult following, along with becoming a true wildcard in rap music today. In doing so, it has become really hard to replicate the sound and flow that Lucki produces so effortlessly and that will solidify in the coming years as we see Lucki continue to reach his magnum opus. Check out the new video for “Greed” below featuring Lil’ Yachty.



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