Lucki “Super Urus”

by Aidan C Werder on February 22, 2022

Lucki continues the momentum from his impressive ‘Wake Up Filthy’ project released in December with a brand-new single, flexing his signature hypnotic style and love for expensive cars on “Super Urus”. 


On “Super Urus” Lucki picks up right where he left off on ‘Wake Up Filthy’, building on the sound he developed there with the talented producer, F1lthy in a way that feels related but definitely distinct - sleepwalking over synthy 808s with his mesmerizing half-chanted flow as he delivers a sometimes-confusing mix of messages that fluctuates between superhero confidence and depressing insecurity. Lucki’s understated but wildly confident delivery is as magnetic as ever on “Super Urus”, combining with the vibey, borderline groovy background synths (produced by Flansie) to create yet another out-of-the-box hit. 


Lucki returned to his favorite music video director, LoneWolf, for the “Super Urus” music video. As we’ve come to expect from a Neptune x LoneWolf collab, the video features an interesting mix of trippy and retro edits, plenty of cool-looking drone footage of cruising whips to match Lucki’s many car references, and of course, a Lamborghini SUV to fulfill the track’s title and catchy “I’m in the Lamb truck, who stoppin’ me?” refrain. 


While the rest of the industry and the underground continue to zig and zag around him, Lucki continues to perfect his hyper-particular and completely addicting style in a world of his own - sounding more polished and confident with every release. 


Check out the video for Lucki’s “Super Urus” below. 


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