Melvoni “Ozone”

by NO JUMPER on April 06, 2021

Written by Aidan Werder

Brookyln’s favorite babyface killa, Melvoni, blesses fans with another one of his rare signature singles with his newest release, “Ozone.”

The 17-year-old blossoming star continues to pull away from the pack with his unique sing-rap style and undeniable star quality - on full display on “Ozone” and its accompanying visual depicting Melvoni and company stomping through the streets and bodegas of Brooklyn. 

Melvoni proves once again that his originality and creativity are not to be underestimated, his unique flow and serious singing ability coming together to create yet another impressive single that rivals the quality of his multiple impressive early hits. “Ozone”’s haunting production strikes a captivating balance between an understated instrumental and intense choral vocals with booming 808’s and Melvoni’s iconic teenage vocal that has all the charm of a young Jackson-five era Michael Jackson… but make it Brooklyn.

Since going unexpectedly viral with the undeniable hit, “No Man’s Land” in 2019 - a song that today sits at over 6.4M views on Youtube and was originally recorded during his first ever studio session - Melvoni has impressed time and time again as his loyal fan base literally watches him grow before their eyes. In 2020, after signing to Epic Records early, he dropped a 5-track EP titled ‘WHO TF IS MELVONI?’ which included two of his earlier hits “No Man’s Land” and “Big Rocks” as well as the new fan-favorite track, “NY” - a gritty love song to the city that raised him that also sits in the millions of views. 

Not one to let up - as he’s apparently got tons of music in the stash according to a 2020 interview with Shirley Ju - Melvoni continued his roll with “STACKHOUSE,” followed shortly by “CHROME”, an extremely catchy, well-done track that perfectly complements his unique style and may be one of his best releases to date. 

Things are clearly trending in the right direction for Brooklyn’s youngest in charge. If we’re lucky, and if the cryptic messages on his IG are to be believed, we’re in store for more bangers from Melvoni in 2021. Check out the video for “Ozone” below - and definitely check out his earlier hits if you’re not in tune.


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