Money Man “LLC”

by Aidan C Werder on August 30, 2021

Your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper, Money Man has the streets on fire once again with his new single “LLC”. With over 6.7M views in one week on “LLC”, 5M monthly Spotify listeners, multiple Billboard charting projects, and over 670M views on his YouTube channel. It’s safe to say the people love Money Man. 

“LLC” has all the ingredients of a classic Money Man track - a catchy instrumental-sample trap beat (prod. By Trauma Tone), an effortless unrelenting flow, and of course some financial wisdom and free game for those that listen closely. The video for “LLC” shows Money Man in his usual luxurious surroundings - flanked by an impressive collection of luxury cars as well as private-shopping for exclusive designer. 

It’s also worth pointing out that on “LLC”’s first verse Money Man makes a noteworthy shout to NYC artist, 22Gz - widely regarded as one of the early originators of the Brooklyn drill sound. In addition to his recent performance at the Pyer Moss fashion show at Paris Fashion Week earlier this month, 22Gz has definitely been showing up in some interesting places recently. 

As an independent powerhouse, Money Man lives up to his name by consistently putting out quality music that people want to hear. In 2021, he’s dropped at least one single per month - most of which are audio-only and none have less than a million views on YouTube. In just two weeks “LLC” has quickly become his biggest song of the year, and only heightens the ever-present demand for a new Money Man project. 

Last year was his biggest year yet (in an ongoing trend) - releasing multiple singles and the incredibly popular projects: ‘Epidemic’, ‘State of Emergency’, and finally ‘Epidemic (Deluxe)”. ‘Epidemic’ - which dropped in March right as the COVID lockdowns hit - went on to become his most successful project yet, peaking at #24 on Billboard and serendipitously featuring the standout track “24”. For the Deluxe, he released the remix featuring Lil Baby - which has since been certified platinum, hit #26 on the Rolling Stone Top 100, and become Money Man’s biggest song to date. 

In 2021, everyone’s favorite independent-minded, financially-focused, astrologically aligned enigma continues to live up to his bold name and outsized reputation. The huge reception for “LLC” is proof that there is a massive appetite for what Money Man has to offer - and when the time comes for a new project the people will be ready.

Check out the video for Money Man’s “LLC” below - and while you’re at it also check out his latest feature on Larry June’s “Intercepted (feat. Money Man”), to see him at peak form.


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