Money Man “Numb to the Pain”

by Aidan C Werder on November 23, 2021

Last week, your favorite rappers’ favorite independent powerhouse, Money Man, continued his takeover of the internet streets with the release of his new project, ‘Blockchain’. Fresh off a 1-million-dollar Bitcoin advance from Empire’s Ghazi, over the weekend Money Man followed up the highly publicized release of his new album with the video for “Numb to the Pain” - an early standout already shaping up to be a fan-favorite with over 2M views in 2 days. 

“Numb to the Pain” is peak Money Man - walking over crisp, instrumental-led production with his signature, unrelenting flow and incredibly captivating, auto-tuned vocal. Reflecting on the trials and tribulations of life as a 21st-century hustler (much of which will go over your head if you aren’t in these internet streets), once again Money Man manages to weave a hugely compelling track that sits at the all-important intersection of catchy, melodic, and street - while still maintaining a wide, crossover appeal.

The video for “Numb to the Pain” (directed by Suzy) matches everything else about Money Man - high-end, straightforward, and tightly executed. Throughout the visual we see him flashing at the very least 17 Bitcoins-worth of cars, clothes, and jewelry in different parts of a jaw-dropping mansion - accompanied by a single, classy female model to complete the luxurious aesthetic. 

The magic of Money Man is that he threads the impossible needle of having broad appeal, sounding totally unique, but still feeling completely of the moment.  “Numb to Pain” is just the latest visual released from the new project, ‘Blockchain’ - a genius title and theme for the new project that combines his clandestine digital origin story with the current widespread NFT and crypto craze that cuts across all boundaries. Over the last several years, Money Man’s unique style and consistent, quality drops have not only turned him into one of the single most influential artists in hip hop - but a model for independent musicians, hustlers, scammers, and entrepreneurs everywhere. As a testament to his outsized influence, the visual for the “LLC” remix featuring Moneybagg Yo released last week racked up an astounding 17M views in just 6 days. 

In the end, “Numb to the Pain” and the immaculate rollout for the new album, ‘Blockchain’ are just the latest evidence that this is Money Man’s world, and we’re all just living in it.

Check out the video for “Numb to the Pain” below - and be sure to check out the rest of Money Man’s latest project, ‘Blockchain’.


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