Mozzy & Kalan.frfr “Whole 100”

by Aidan C Werder on October 30, 2021

West coast big dog, Mozzy and the quickly ascending Kalan.frfr teamed up for “Whole 100” - a laid back, unmistakably west-coast vibe with a fun, ice-cream truck themed visual off Mozzy’s most recent project, ‘Untreated Trauma’ released in September. 

“Whole 100” is the perfect blend of the two California-native styles. Kalan.frfr sets the stage with a signature melodic hook, expertly riding the line between hip hop & R&B as he describes the characteristics of a worthy companion (i.e., one who keeps it a “whole 100”). The chorus gives way to a black-air-force rocking Mozzy - ripping intricate bars and savage punchlines over a soulful, lighthearted beat in a way that only he can. The result is a hugely successful, summery west coast banger by two of the most unique and authentic artists out of Cali. 

Director Carrington put together a top-notch music video for “Whole 100” - complete with crisp edits, a customized ice cream truck, matching custom outfits, and top-notch female talent. Overall, the video is quick, clean, and perfectly matches the energy of the chill, summer bop. 

In general, Mozzy continues to exceed expectations as he successfully elevates his gritty sound beyond the insular, street-heavy style that made him famous - remaining true to his roots while reflecting on the effects of his hostile native environment in Oak Park, Sacramento. This growth is evident by the project’s title, ‘Untreated Trauma’ and on tracks like “Straight to the 4th” and “Again & Again.” Don’t get it twisted though, we still see sparks of that young, decidedly less introspective Lil Tim shining through on tracks like “Reeboks” with longtime partner-in-crime E-Mozzy or “Beat the Case” feat. EST Gee & Babyface Ray - the clear fan favorite off the new project. 

Not to forget about Kalan.frfr, who has been steadily on the rise for the past several years. He’s already got a certified smash in “Scoring”, with “Never Lose You” following quickly behind it. His rare combination of clever songwriting, intricate bars, elements of R&B, and real singing chops - infused with an LA swag and undeniable west coast feel - all comes together to create an obvious burgeoning superstar just one hit away from the mainstream. 

Check out the video for Mozzy & Kalan.frfr’s “Whole 100” below - off Mozzy’s latest project, ‘Untreated Trauma’ out now.  


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