Mr. Chicken “Never Could” feat. DJ Swill B

by NO JUMPER on February 23, 2021

Written by Aidan Werder

Rising Jersey City artist, Mr. Chicken is carving out his own afrobeats-inspired lane with his new single, “Never Could” - which has all the ingredients to become the next hit out of Jersey.

Mr. Chicken’s unique blend of a melodic, afrobeats/dancehall-style combined with a Jersey hip hop swag already sounds radio ready -  with broad appeal that bridges the gap between genres and generations that landed his new track on BET Jams, on the radar of Hot97’s DJ Enuff, and on DJ Drewski’s The MVMT

“Never Could” is the perfect introduction to Mr. Chicken’s unique style - a hugely captivating mix of different styles that comes together at the intersection of all the hottest trends in east coast hip hop to create a compelling, wildy catchy tune that we’re sure to be hearing more of as the weather warms up. Between the incredibly polished sound, signature dance moves, and impressive vocal chops - not to mention the immaculate braids and iced out teeth - Mr. Chicken is already looking like a winner. 

The music video for “Never Could,” directed by Rock Davis opens with our main character Mr. Chicken and a female accomplice pulling a caper at a local check cashing place - with DJ Swill B behind the wheel - before regrouping back at the crib to settle up and make plans for the spoils. The intense action move soundtrack of the intro comes in sharp contrast to the laid back, almost island vibe of the track we hear as Mr. Chicken delivers the hugely catchy chorus from an undisclosed Jersey City rooftop. The video closes with our lady friend unfortunately getting nabbed by the cops, as we hear Mr. Chicken tell us he’s about to do the race. 

From the looks of it, Mr. Chicken is just getting started. When you go back and check out his catalog, it’s clear that you’re looking at a talented artist and no one-hit wonder. Some of his earlier tracks like “4EV3R”, “Turns”, and “Crazy Love” - in addition to what’s likely his most notable collab to date, “Big Drip” feat. Gunna of his album, Pollo Talk Pt. 2 - make it obvious that his polished, hybrid style is a winning formula. 

Definitely tune in to what this rising Jersey City star has going on - as we’re sure to be hearing more from him as he continues to catch the eyes and ears of industry playmakers and fans alike. 

Be sure to check out Mr. Chicken’sNever Could” on Youtube and streaming everywhere - and be sure check out his latest release, a collab with fellow melodic Jersey City artist, Max YB, “Shawty Bad, Pt. 2” available everywhere now. 


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