Nardo Wick “Aye Aye”

by NO JUMPER on May 26, 2021

Written by Logan Woodard

Putting on for Jacksonville, FL, the young emcee Nardo Wick is paving his own lane with his latest release Aye Aye. Wick is on an intense hot streak with very few official singles put out, strategically planning his own trajectory, at his own pace. The foundation of a hot new artist on the come up typically reveals a lengthy history of projects, features, and a jam-packed discography; however this isn’t the case with this Jacksonville rapper. Nardo Wick is only 19 years old, refraining from just dipping his toes in the deep blue waters of modern trap music. Instead, he’s begun to plunge into this open world, with all eyes and ears pointed directly at him.  Check out Aye Aye in the link below and head to the No Jumper blog for more hot new music.

Aye Aye is nothing but your straight forward, gun-toting, gang style music video. It’s compressed and filled with straps, flashy editing, an outlandish pad, and of course: Nardo Wick front and center. It’s production is very similar to the pre-2015 mixtape type beats that artists like Meek Mill, Future, and many others were mastering in its time. What makes this so unique, is that Nardo interpolates this style seamlessly and almost without any effort. His vocal tone, choice of lyrics, and flow are organic. They mesh together in a way that feels directly linked to him, and nobody else. This seems to be the overall take coming from his strong, cult-like fanbase that continues to grow with each release.

Building on that concept, it’s expected that we should soon be given a full-length LP. Though nothing has been teased, Nardo Wick’s recent signing with RCA Records slightly pulls back the curtain to reveal what appears to be a master plan in the works. His highest streamed release, Who Wants Smoke?, made it’s debut on the official soundtrack for the critically acclaimed film titled Judas and The Black Messiah. Though you could credit this appearance for casting a stronger spotlight on Wick, his previous releases “SHHH” and “Slide” were already holding strong on their own. Big league rappers like Lil’ Durk and G Herbo are championing this young talent as well, which any rapper on their come up would find gratifying. Nevertheless, we can expect nothing but more unique content coming from the Florida rapper, whether it be on his own debut project or just simply features. Watch out for Nardo Wick. 


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