Neek Bucks “Cartier” feat. Stunna Gambino

by Aidan C Werder on January 06, 2022

NYC’s Neek Bucks and Stunna Gambino link up for the third time, dropping the video for “Cartier” this week off Neek’s ‘Invisible Scars’ EP released in October. 


Cartier” is built around a smooth, well-executed beat (by the Grammy-nominated TouchofTrent) opening with Stunna Gambino’s gentle melodic vocal that always manages to find the perfect line between a pop sound and a hip hop feel - sing-rapping vulnerable bars and unique, carefully crafted flows. Stunna’s catchy hook gives way to Neek Bucks’ unique delivery and unmistakable raspy vocal. We’ve heard Neek mixing in more melodies and flexing his vocal chops recently, switching gears midway through his verse on “Cartier” to deliver several well-executed bars in his impressively compelling singing voice. 


In the video for “Cartier” (directed by JMO Productions) we see the pair of New York-native artists link up at the BnB with the big whips parked outside - with a notable cameo from legendary New York A&R, Fat Ricky. 


Neek Bucks and Stunna Gambino have linked up twice before, on the 2020 single, “Voices” and again on “Mashallah” off Neek’s impressive 2021 album, ‘Neighborhood Hov’. Both could be classified as underappreciated New York talents, bringing unique qualities to the game but never quite fully getting the recognition they deserve. Longtime Harlem staple Neek Bucks brings to the table gritty, El Barr-native street bars and a unique raspy delivery - more recently adding in more melodic elements and tasteful autotune like we hear on “Cartier” or throughout ‘Neighborhood HOV’ on standout tracks like “Pain” feat. Benny the Butcher, “Times”, or “Fly Away” feat. Lil Tjay. 


Overall, “Cartier” is a great entry for both artists - and hopefully a sign that we’ll be seeing more music and more melodies from Neek Bucks in the new year. 


Check out the video for Neek Bucks’ “Cartier” feat. Stunna Gambino below - and be sure to check out Neeks latest projects ‘Neighborhood Hov’ and ‘Invisible Scars


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