Pacman Da Gunman & Hit-Boy Release "Told Us Not To Do It" Ft. Peezy

by Noah Soria on March 11, 2022

Pacman Da Gunman & Hit-Boy have all the momentum going their way right now. The West Coast natives have solidified their spot as one of the best new rapper-producer duos in the game. The pair looks to capitalize off the success of their first single, "Find a Balance," featuring Dom Kennedy with a brand-new single from their forthcoming project, "Bulletproof Soul.”  The tandem is back with their second single, "Told Us Not To Do It,” which features underground Detroit phenom, Peezy, and has both him and Pacman proliferating noncompliance to acquire an abundance of cash.


Hit-Boy’s production on this is simply exquisite, proving yet again that there’s not a sound right now the instrumentalist can’t achieve and setting the scene for Pacman to spew lyrics such as "got a hundred on my neck, spent a dub on the watch and the time always wrong, but the grind never stops.”  Peezy predicates more slick talk with "seen alotta sh*t, but I ain't saying sh*t, police on a n**** head, I be on gang shit, couple M's couldn't change me I'm on the same sh*t.”  


The upcoming nine track collaborative project by Pacman Da Gunman and Hit-Boy titled “Bulletproof Soul" is set release at the end of March and features guest appearances by Dom Kennedy, Peezy, Yhung T.O., J. Stone and more. You can check out the visuals for “Told Us Not To Do it”, below. 


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