PGF Nuk is looking like Chicago’s newest star on latest single “4PF”

by Aidan C Werder on May 11, 2022

With his newest single “4PF”, PGF Nuk not only appears to be flexing his overstuffed pockets and nodding at Lil Baby’s record label of the same name, he continues to make a strong case as Chicago’s next breakout star. For those that haven’t seen his viral hits like “Waddup” and “It’s Nuk”, “4PF” is a great example of PGF Nuk’s infectious, street-first style - prominently featuring all of his signature staples including his charismatic soft-spoken flow, catchy gun-sound ad-libs, and his unmissable and cleverly incorporated Chicago accent marked by the complete lack of “R’s” in words like car and bar. 

Over and over, Nuk has shown a knack for choosing interesting, unorthodox production that feels spot-on in capturing an updated but still gritty Chicago sound fit for 2022 - much of which is produced by his go-to Chicago-native producer, Fatman. The production on “4PF” for example, feels loosely reminiscent of the iconic lo-fi production of drill’s early days, but still fresh and forward-thinking. 

In the Film Giants-directed music video, viewers get a good look at the ever-present Pooh Shiesty mask - a pandemic accessory that he apparently has fully adopted as part of his look, revealing during his No Jumper interview last month that he has no plans to get rid of the face covering anytime soon. Flexing his newfound success, the video alternates between scenes of Nuk flashing bands and driving a fleet of Hellcats and SRTs through the city. 

After generating momentum throughout 2021 with a string of singles, PGF Nuk properly blew up after releasing “Waddup” in October - captivating audiences with his wildly catchy and unmistakable Chicago delivery, gritty bars, and an edgy, chaotic music video reminiscent of an early Chief Keef visual. In much the same way as a King Von, Durk or even Pooh Shiesty, Nuk occupies a sweet spot where he is able to create compelling, sing-a-along-able tracks that are just as devious and true-to-the-streets as some of his less catchy drill counterparts. 

Since then, Nuk has been exceeding expectations with back-to-back viral singles, most notably the “Waddup” remix featuring Polo G which is approaching 10M views since it was posted a month ago. Just recently he earned another important cosign when Lil Durk posted a video singing along to “It’s Nuk” - another one of his biggest songs to date and perhaps his most defining. 

There’s no denying that PGF Nuk is on a roll. Between his compelling style, winning personality, and ringing endorsements from some of the most important faces in Chicago - it’s likely we’ll be seeing a lot more from Nuk as people continue to discover his unique style. 


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