Pouya “Big Glocks” ft. Fat Nick

by NO JUMPER on April 10, 2021

Written by Logan Woodard

Pouya and Fat Nick are the epitome of underground rap music. Since both came up around 2013 during the rise of the Soundcloud scene, they completely embodied the meaning of staying true to yourself and your fanbase. As we creep towards the shift in rap and hip-hop music, Pouya and Fat Nick are still creating what they love and what seems to impact fans in the same way it has been in the last 5 years. “Big Glocks” is an unequivocal, punchy song with hilarious music video that really turns you up. In the video, both Pouya and Nick aged well into their later years but unable to let go of the child-like, juvenile ways that once plagued them years before. Both link up inside a welding shop and get right to creating hazards unlike we’ve ever seen before: a motorized scooter stocked with two assault rifles that are attached right on the front. Just perfect for Fat Nick in his old age to still be able to spray rounds while in the comfortability of his scooter. 

Both rappers have truly been creating art in the recent years, putting out their own full length projects and also coming together for 2 joint collaborations titled “Drop Out Of School” and you guess it: “Drop Out Of School 2.” Though the collabs are 3 years apart, Pouya and Fat Nick have stayed buried in their own creative endeavors and have put out quite a few of their own projects as well. What makes the pair so unique is that they grew up together as childhood friends and both created strong names for themselves in underground rap music. The duo dropped out of school and started their own crew dubbed “The Buffet Boys” and even hosted a Youtube series titled “The Pouya and Fat Nick Show.” Around this same time, the Florida supergroup known as Raider Klan, which was created by SpaceGhostPurrp, was making waves which really led to the beginning of the underground Soundcloud rap scene. Though Pouya had stated he rocked with the crew, he was never officially in the group. In 2013, Pouya dropped a gem titled “Get Buck” which garnered over 12.5 million views and gave him his first sense of rap stardom. From there, Pouya and Fat Nick really made their mark on the scene and have been prosperous ever since.  

Go check out the new video for “Big Glocks” in the link below and the full collaborative project from Pouya and Fat Nick titled Drop Out Of School 2 wherever you get your music at. You’re missing out. 


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