Quin NFN “Ditch Diggers” ft. SSG Splurge

by NO JUMPER on April 19, 2021

Written by Logan Woodard

Quin NFN and SSG Splurge are puttin’ on for Texas with a brand new video titled “Ditch Digger.” The track gets straight to the bars, with both rappers flowing fluently over a simplistic, catchy beat. The melody is lively and childish, really giving air to the drums to knock through your speakers. Not only do Quin NFN and SSG Splurge have such unique ways of rapping and different pockets that each can hit, but they also have distinctive, recognizable voices that set them apart from most. It creates a sort of yin and yang effect in the song which most find enjoyable. There’s just a natural dynamic between the two Texas rappers that fans would really like to see more of. “Used to be McDonald’s, now we Ruth Chris’n” Splurge raps. The wittiness of these rappers’ bars are something that makes the song so infectious. 

With only two full length projects and one extended play, Quin NFN (formerly known as Quincho) has been seeing steady success through songs like “Gang Shit”, “Revenge”, and “Lil’ Gangsta.” The Austin rapper hadn’t started rapping until 2016, which strongly presents his fast growth in the game. These singles are also what helped Quin sign a deal with 10K Projects. He’s also seen successful collaborations with artists like 22GZ, PnB Rock, and NLE Choppa. 

SSG Splurge isn’t short of any praise and fame either, creating a unique lane for himself since his breakout single “Intro Pt. 2.” Teaming up with Dallas producer Beats By Jeff, with the famous production tag “Ay, let me hear that hoe, Jeff!” Splurge has invigorated the culture with his amusing and scintillating bars, backed by Jeff’s stripped down beats that revolve around thumping 808’s and virtually no melody. Still independent, Splurge is looking to take his sound to the next level with his new projects soon to come. With only 2 years under his belt, his character plot is in its infancy and we will see a huge rise from him very soon. Hopefully we’re able to get more fun tracks like this from the Arlington rapper in the year of 2021. “Ditch Digger” is a crazy track that’s just waiting to be played at your next house party. Check it out in the link below. 


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