Ralfy the Plug “Be Me Too”

by Aidan C Werder on January 24, 2022

Ralfy the Plug’s “Be Me Too” is another in a string of impressive singles as he continues to do an excellent job of carrying the torch in the wake of the tragic passing of his brother, Drakeo the Ruler, last month. 


Despite the tragedy surrounding him, Ralfy the Plug soldiers on and manages to consistently deliver catchy, compelling tracks like “Be Me Too.” Never one to show weakness, in the music video (directed by Stinc Team-staple ImNotEvol) Ralfy flaunts big jewelry and stacks of cash as he calmly delivers savage punchlines - listing off all the cool things about him (that you don’t have) in between the infectious refrain of “Shit, I’d wanna be me too.” It only takes a few repetitions to realize that he’s right: you do want to be him too. 


While Ralfy and Drakeo certainly have similar captivating styles - defined by their ruthless punchlines, ominously calm demeanor, and wordy delivery of their insular LA lingo - where Drakeo went scary, Ralfy goes player: focusing mostly on females and flexing as he slides over punchy West Coast production while delivering unadulterated game and unapologetic bars. 


Earlier this month, Ralfy dropped a touching tribute to his fallen brother, “The Truth Hurts” - a beautifully executed song recounting his and Drakeo’s long and tumultuous journey to the top that was prematurely cut short - incorporating dozens of clips and photos from their journey together in the music video that really drive home the levels of success they had reached in recent years, and further highlight the deep sadness of his passing. As if that weren’t enough, earlier in 2021 Ralfy lost his other right man, Ketchy the Great, in a fatal car crash - further driving home just how much tragedy has been swirling around him, and the strength it must take to carry on and continue their shared legacy.


Over the last several years, Ralfy the Plug has continuously exceeded expectations with consistent, quality drops as his style has developed and his star has risen. While no one would wish these circumstances on him, Ralfy is better suited than anyone to overcome and carry on the legacy of his fallen brothers. 


Check out the video for Ralfy the Plug’s “Be Me Too” - and long live Drakeo the Ruler and Ketchy the Great.


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