Rayven Justice "No Changes" feat Pacman Da Gunman

by NO JUMPER on February 16, 2021
Written by RosecransVic
On the date of his late brother Raymen Justice's birthday, Rayven releases the video to "No Changes" featuring frequent collaborator All Money In's Pacman Da Gunman. Rayven sings about the lack of change in predominantly Black communities as people continue to die prematurely, whether it be from the police or others in surrounding neighborhoods. He speaks on recent tragedies we've all had to witness in the media as well with lyrics about Breonna Taylor, Kalief Browder. The pain in Ravyen's voice protrudes making this an extremely sentimental song. 
Pacman Da Gunman's appearance is equally heart-wrenching as he speaks to his mentor Nipsey directly in his verse with lyrics like "I had to carry your coffin, I'm still heartbroken, bending corners in this foreign still feeling hopeless, but when I need to see you smile I scroll through the gram and when I get to feeling down I send a text to Sam".

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