Reese Youngn “Funerals”

by NoJumperStore on June 15, 2021

Written by Aidan Werder

Reese Youngn cannot be stopped. This week he dropped yet another absolutely fire single, “Funerals” - once again showcasing his unique vocal style and undeniable energy. 

“Funerals” is a song about the pain of losing loved ones, a pain you can actually hear in Reese’s signature, howling singing voice throughout the in-studio visual. What started as a literal meme has evolved into an incredibly unique and captivating style that gets better and better the more you hear it - blending soulful elements of blues and R&B with southern hip hop and trap sounds to compliment unique melodies and intricate songwriting.

It’s pretty clear that we’re watching the rise of a star in Reese Youngn, the young artist out of Pittsburgh, PA who’s had the internet on fire ever since dropping his viral remix and much-meme’d remix of Coi Leray’s “No More Parties” in March. Reese appears to be tapping into a similar lane as popular melodic artists like Morray and Mo3 (RIP) - combining soulful, southern inspired melodies and serious vocal ability with hip hop and trap beats - but of course with his own one-of-a-kind voice. 

To understand Reese, you really need to understand the meteoric rise that’s taken place over the last month or two. Reese has been active since 2019, but it was in March of 2021 that everything changed. “No More Parties” and the remix featuring Lil Durk are dominating the airwaves - and the internet is in a frenzy with remixes. Tik toks and IG reels start circulating, essentially poking fun at one particular remix from a relatively unknown artist - giving a rather unusual, particularly soulful and almost howling vocal performance. One popular Tik tok read: “When your homie is recording and you tell him it’s good just in case he blows up one day.”

The funny part about the meme… the song it’s poking fun at is actually amazing. What might at first sound like ‘silly ad-libs’ in the over the top “Pull up in that -VRRRRT” sound effects - turn out to be incredibly well executed and extremely catchy. The intense, soulful delivery and the raspy, almost Post-Malone-like effect of Reese’s vocal - combined with surprisingly intricate songwriting, delicate melodies, and dynamic flows - all come together to create an incredibly impressive and captivating track from start to finish.

Upon seeing the 15 second clips that were circulating, people were able to see through the misguided meme and hear a really special talent in Reese Young’s unique vocal, quickly seeking him out on other platforms. Today, just over a month since its release, the video for Reese Youngn’s “No More Parties’ Remix” - which he calls, “THE LET OUT” - sits at over 7M views. Reese’s one-of-a-kind style has caught the eyes of artists and labels around the industry, receiving cosigns from some of the biggest names in the game, and perhaps most importantly, from the Big Prrr herself, Coi Leray - who even went to bat for Reese when she got the video reinstated after it was removed from Youtube for infringement. It’s likely that music execs and A&Rs have been tearing down the door to get at Reese - but it does appear that he’s been getting pretty cozy with Birdman, who was prominently featured in the “Black Ink” music video… which doesn’t bode well for the execs in Reese’s DMs.

Perhaps even more impressive than the home run he hit with “No More Parties” is the way he’s been able to capitalize off its overnight success. Within days of it catching fire on social media, Reese had uploaded a new track, “Warrior” accompanied by a full music video - the first original song he’s ever released in this new, crooning style. This turned out to be an excellent move, and the video quickly shot past 1M views, and just one month later sitting at over 1.5M views and over 250,000 Spotify streams. 

It doesn’t stop there though. It turns out this one-trick pony has a whole bag full. From there, Reese went all-in on his new style - dropping at least one new video per week for an unbelievable eight brand new releases since March 16th. Songs like “Ke’Ke” , “INKOMPLETE” , and “Bloody Tears” “Black Ink” and most recently “DisKonnection” - all showcasing Reese’s unique style, but offering slight variations that keep the tracks fresh and interesting - revealing Reese’s impressive vision and talent as an artist. In yet another unexpected development, in April Reese dropped the track “Missionz” - departing from the melodic crooning to a more Detroit-inspired, well executed rap flow, once again showing his versatility. 

Reese Youngn is dropping so fast that when I started writing this, it was about his new release “DisKonnection” and then he went ahead and dropped again before I could catch up. Amazingly, his frequent IG updates lead us to believe that he’s got plenty left in the tank - so stay tuned for more tracks from Reese Youngn as he continues to develop his unique sound. 

Check out Reese Youngn’s latest release “Funerals” below, the must-see remix of “No More Parties” / “THE LET OUT” - as well as the 8 other singles he’s dropped in the last month… it’s worth it. 


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