Rick Ross Launches New Podcast Amidst Public Beef With Gillie Da Kid

by Aidan C Werder on July 15, 2022

Rick Ross and Gillie da Kid have been taking shots at each other on social media all week. Taking advantage of the spotlight like the enterprising entrepreneur he is, Rozay announced that he would be launching his own brand new podcast — positioning himself to go toe-to-toe with Wallo and Gillie’s popular Million Dollaz Worth of Game. 

It seems like the drama is far from over, as Rick Ross announced that he would be entering Gillie’s arena with his own, still-unnamed podcast. Never one to miss a branding opportunity, he asked fans to help him create a name for his new endeavor in return for complimentary bottles of each of his liquor sponsors. 

In response, Gillie chimed in with his own tongue-in-cheek suggestion in reference to Rozay’s controversial past as a correctional officer.

“I got ur name 4 ur podcast @richforever aka The Mickey Mouse Show… ur history ain’t right to fu$k with me u betta leave that alone”

The issue between the two first bubbled to the surface earlier this week when Ross referred to Gillie as a “fraud” in the comments under Mack Maine’s IG post, a video clip contradicting Gillie’s recent claims that he had Lil Wayne shook when they ran into each other at a concert. 

Clearly taking offense, on the next episode of Million Dollaz Worth of Game with Southside, Gillie took the opportunity to call out Rick Ross in a clip that made the rounds after being reposted by Akademiks

While he didn’t mention the Boss by name, it was pretty clear who he was referring to as he called out “these old n***as” for being out of touch. In his rant, Gillie dug up Ross’ former life as a CO and called out the way he flaunts his lavish lifestyle and unrelatable purchases, zeroing in on his post earlier this year about buying a cow with his best impression of the MMG boss’s distinctly raspy voice. 

"These old n***as, they don't hear the roar of the crowd no more, and they still think the world gonn come back so they be on Instagram and they be on social media doing dumb shit. I just bought a cow and all this dumb sh*t”

Time will tell if Rick Ross’ new pod will be able to compete with Wallo & Gillie’s Million Dollaz Worth of Game, but it seems there will definitely be plenty to discuss on the first episode.


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