Rob49 “Vulture Island V2” feat Lil Baby

by Aidan C Werder on April 06, 2022

Last week, Rob49 officially arrived as the next up out of New Orleans with the remix of his popular single, “Vulture Island V2” aided by none other than Lil Baby - with the accompanying showstopping visual notably featuring Hotboii, Louisiana royalty Kevin Gates, and the entirety of Rob49’s Iberville Projects neighborhood.  

Relatively unknown just a few weeks ago, New Orleans’ Rob49 has been making a national splash since the release of the star-studded “Vulture Island V2” music video - already with over 1M Spotify streams and Trending on YouTube with 2.5M+ views. The song itself is high-energy and instantly compelling, showcasing Rob’s aggressive, unmistakable New Orleans cadence as he delivers aggressive street bars surrounded by his entire neighborhood. The most noteworthy aspect of the song would have to be the unusual way the hook is built around an infectious ad-lib: “Yeah-Yeah” (or perhaps Yeet-yeet) and expertly incorporated into Lil Baby’s always-fire feature verse. It’s also worth noting the very intentional use of catchy claps, almost surely a reference to the famous New Orleans Nolia Clap. 

It appeared to be all hands on deck in the Iberville Projects for the  “Vulture Island V2” music video (directed Gerard Victor), with hundreds of people turning out to support Rob49. The video also highlights the extremely noteworthy enthusiastic participation from some of the biggest names in the south: from the larger-than-life Lil Baby, to the standoffish superstar Kevin Gates, to one of the most exciting artists rising out of Florida in Hotboii. Cinematic drone shots capture the stars in all their glory - not to mention the extensive car collection, electronic billboard, and overwhelming hometown turnout. 

With the Lil Baby-supercharged “Vulture Island V2” and with the massive billboard located in his hometown, Rob49 is proudly proclaiming that “New Orleans is Back”. Given the song’s instant appeal, the massive turnout from his hometown, and the star-studded music video - it’s hard to see it any other way. Going forward, it seems likely we’ll see a song with Kevin Gates, easily one of the biggest artists to ever come out of Louisiana who seems to be more open to collaboration these days.

For now, all eyes will be on Rob49’s next move, but the amount of co-signs and the level of traction we’re seeing this early clearly suggests a bright future for New Orleans’ newest star. 


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