RTB MB slides on new single “Best Buy” after NBA Most Improved snub

by Aidan C Werder on May 05, 2022

RTB MB, better known as the star forward for the Charlotte Hornets, Miles Bridges, is back with a new slick-talking single, “Best Buy” - continuing to make a strong case as one of the best, and certainly the most savage, NBA players-turned-rappers in history. 

In addition to being a monster on the court, MB has shown over and over again that he is a real rapper and not just “good for a ballplayer”. “Best Buy” is just the latest example of his bona fide rapping skills, weaving impressively dense bars and ruthless punchlines over a punchy, Detroit-style Beethoven beat produced by the highly sought-after ENRGY Beats. One of the most standout bars would have to be the opening lines: “Like a bad ref, we be quick to let them tecs fly / Opps saw me on TV but we caught his ass at Best Buy” - boldly blurring the line between his on and off-court personas. 

Instead of trying to pretend to be a regular guy, it’s kind of refreshing to see a superstar athlete on full demon timing, with no problem dunking on the common folk as he flexes his enviable NBA lifestyle on the track and throughout the Laced Visuals-directed music video. 

As if that wasn’t cool enough, MB is using his considerable platform to put on for his hometown of Flint, Michigan - basing his unusual style off the unorthodox yet hugely addicting style popularized by modern Flint legends like Rio da Yung OG, RMC Mike, YN Jay, and Louie Ray: known for its merciless punchlines and idiosyncratic cadence. Many have tried the belligerent offbeat flow of the Midwest, but few have succeeded at making it their own like MB. 

The most impressive thing of all is that it’s not as if Miles Bridges has a ton of free time to develop his musical style. He is a top-tier, 24-year-old NBA athlete in the midst of his best season ever since being drafted in the first round in 2018, just two weeks removed from a nationally covered mouthpiece-throwing incident (that he’s since apologized for), and was just blatantly snubbed for the league’s Most Improved Player Award after he was confusingly not even included in the consideration. On top of all that, he somehow has a new single out that goes toe-to-toe with your favorite rappers’. 

Watch RTB MB’s “Best Buy” below


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