Russ “Seduce” feat. Capella Grey

by Aidan C Werder on December 29, 2021

On Monday, two of the biggest and most unique independent powerhouses in the game, Russ and Capella Grey dropped the highly choreographed, aquatic-themed visual by Blank Square Productions for their smooth R&B banger, “Seduce” - racking up over 500K views in less than 24 hours on YouTube. 


Seduce” is a smooth, female-focused R&B/hip-hop hybrid dripping with confidence that perfectly marries the pair’s surprisingly complementary styles - Capella Grey walking over the drums with his silky smooth vocals before giving way to Russ’ simple yet hugely catchy hook and braggadocious verse aimed at articulating their unique appeal to the oppositive gender. 


Originally released in September, teaming up with Russ for “Seduce” was one of the very first major collabs for Capella Grey - easily one of the biggest and least expected breakout acts of 2021, who absolutely took over the soundwaves with his hookless R&B smash hit an undisputed song of the summer, “Gyalis”. Both being independent and hugely talented triple threat singer-songwriter-producers doing the impossible, it’s only right that Capella and Russ connected for the follow-up. With “Seduce” at nearly 30M streams on Spotify alone, the masses seem to agree. 


The icing on the cake for this collab is the insanely well-produced visual set at (and on top of) an Olympic sized swimming pool featuring a literal team of professional synchronized swimmers flown in from all around the country directed by Logan Fields & Juan Zuleta and produced by Blank Square Productions - the innovative production company quietly taking over the hip hop game with some of the most memorable and high-flying music videos of 2021. The visual features custom choreography performed by the dozens of professionally trained aquatic dancers, a floating platform in the middle of it all, and multiple outfit changes showcasing Russ’ unorthodox and forward-thinking fashion sense. 


Overall, “Seduce” was already a huge hit and an important early cosign for Capella Grey, and is now immortalized forever with an original, tightly produced music video to stand the test of time. 


Check out the video for Russ’ “Seduce” feat. Capella Grey below - and check out his recently released new project, ‘CHOMP 2’ available everywhere. 


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