Sauce Walka “No Wrestler”

by Aidan C Werder on April 15, 2022

This week, the singular Sauce Walka shocked everyone with his new rage-infused single “No Wrestler”, unlocking a brand new sound with his one-of-a-kind take on the popular rage style that has dominated the underground in recent years. 

While sometimes hard to wrap your head around, it’s moments like these where Sauce Walka proves that there is more to him than jewelry and high-energy - showing that underneath the lightning-in-a-bottle persona is a true creative talent able to thrive in whatever arena he chooses. Where everyone zigs, Walka zags… and always with extra sauce. 

On “No Wrestler”, he sprinkles his Houston-native swag and his own special sauce over a textbook rage beat - finding the perfect pocket on the bassy, synth-heavy production for his captivating auto-tune flow, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of the rage subgenre while remaining true to his own larger-than-life identity. 

Known for his electric performances, in the music video (directed by Teo Shot This) fans see Sauce enthusiastically refereeing what looks like a semi-pro wrestling match and, despite the song’s title, even getting a few takedowns in himself - all while wearing a full set of his signature diamond jewelry. The wrestling scene is interspersed with clips of him showing off his Maybach SUV’s unique features, like its ability to bounce like a lowrider and its supposed hands-free driving. 

Overall, “No Wrestler” is a pleasant surprise from one artist you can always expect to have a new trick up his sleeve. With this track, it’s clear that Sauce Walka respects the rage sound enough to bring forward its most important qualities - and once again shows off his unique ability to make even the biggest of trends his own. 


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