Scorey “Rock N Roll”

by NO JUMPER on May 24, 2021

Written by Aidan Werder

Scorey continues to impress, showing off a new side of his unique melodic style with his new single, “Rock ‘N Roll” ahead of his upcoming project. 

Polo G’s new (and only) artist has been making waves over the last year with his distinct melodic flow - dropping a series of dope singles including “Dior You”, “Victim” and his biggest song to date, “Moods” - the video for which currently sits at over 8M views since it dropped last September. 

His latest track, “Rock N Roll” showcases a different style for Scorey. Normally opting for moody, acoustic guitar type beats, on “Rock N Roll” he picks up the energy with an electric guitar led instrumental to create an interesting, rap/rock hybrid reminiscent of a 2000’s era punk rock anthem - the inspiration all but confirmed by the Paramore-themed backdrop in the Adrian Per directed music video. 

At just 1 minute and 45 seconds, “Rock ‘N Roll” is short and sweet - but definitely packs a punch. The rock-based production and Scorey’s usually understated delivery are an unexpected marriage, but really seems to have paid off. The track blends the line between hip hop and rock - capitalizing on the growing trend in a similar way to his label head, Polo G’s recent #1 hit, “Rapstar” - only “Rock ‘N Roll” takes it beyond just comparing himself to a rockstar, actually incorporating rock and roll sounds to create a hybrid style that feels nostalgic and brand new at the same time. 

It will be interesting to see the different sounds that Scorey explores on his upcoming, still unnamed project that will serve as his official debut. It’s likely that “Rock ‘N Roll” will serve as the lead single for the new body of work - amassing over 600K views in its first week on Youtube. It also seems as though this project might bring with it the long awaited collaboration with Polo G (fingers crossed). 

Check out the video for “Rock ‘N Roll” below - and definitely keep your eye out for Scorey’s upcoming debut project. 


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