Seddy Hendrinx “Trying” feat K Camp

by Aidan C Werder on August 30, 2021

Seddy Hendrinx is a unique, rising star out of Jacksonville, Florida who just cannot miss. On his new single, “Trying” Seddy teams up with the undefeated (not underrated) K Camp - creating an absolute dream team of cool confidence and unique, understated melodies.

Seddy Hendrinx has been on a tear recently, releasing straight-to-YouTube singles - making waves on the internet with his original style and unique approach - stirring excitement around the industry for the much-anticipated Seddy project that surely must be coming. 

“Trying” is the highly-demanded collab with K Camp, whose pioneering melodic style and unrelenting work ethic helped pave the way for new acts like Seddy. Fans have been hounding over this collab, and the pair certainly didn’t disappoint. 

“Trying” may just be one of Seddy’s best songs yet, his one-of-a-kind nonchalant melodic flows riding the simple, piano-led beat and spilling into each other in the way that only Seddy can. The production touches on all Seddy’s signature sounds, crescendoing melodies, deep bass, and real instruments - arranged in a way that can hold a slow melody, a faster rap flow, and even stand on its own. K Camp completely holds his own, delivering a killer verse and sounding right at home next to Seddy - sparking new demands for a joint project (which sounds like an excellent idea). 

The music video for “Trying”, directed by Dak Magic and Reel Shootas, shows the two (decked out in exclusive drip as usual) “trying” to work through some of their problems in sessions with a therapist - an alternative to Seddy’s usual choice of therapy, designer or otherwise. As usual, the visual is straightforward and well-polished, the perfect complement to the distinct style of music. Dak Magic has shot many of Seddy’s most popular videos - including “45” feat A Boogie, “Run It Up” feat. G Herbo, and most recently “Monday thru Sunday”. 

Speaking of which, “Monday thru Sunday” made quite the splash when it dropped 2 months ago on account of it wildly catchy hook (“20s, 50s, 100s...”) combined with its notable lack of a verse anywhere to be found. Maybe he decided to leave it as is to throw someone on the remix - or maybe he decided the hook and the beat was so good he decided to let it speak for themselves.  Either way, “Monday thru Sunday” certainly had people talking - everyone loved the song, and nobody seemed to care that there is almost a full minute of the 2:30 minute-long track with no vocal. Quite the opposite in fact. Summed up by a tweet from Generation Now producer, Ace KXLD: “@seddyhendrinx1 gotta unfinished song going viral. Pay attention.”

Over the last 2 years, Seddy has quietly developed a unique, captivating sound that’s caught the eyes of tastemakers around the industry. His command over catchy melodies and clever songwriting mixed with his distinct, low-key style and Jacksonville swag touch on all the right notes to create the superstar-in-waiting, tailor-made for the music landscape of 2021. Even though he’s backed by Generation Now and Asylum Records, Seddy appears to be very much at the controls - working at his own pace to craft his unique vision that breaks many of the traditional rules. The risks he’s taking are already paying off in a big - given the popularity of his recent singles and past releases ‘Sayless’, ‘B.H.D.” and “Roots II’ - and by all appearances it looks like the payoff is only going to get bigger from here. 

Seddy Hendrinx is easily one of the most exciting new acts anywhere, and definitely one you need to keep your eye on. His understated, melodic style has huge crossover appeal with a massive ceiling - and if he keeps playing his cards right Seddy Hendrinx is gearing up to take off. 

Check out “Trying” feat. K Camp below and be on the lookout for more from Seddy Hendrinx. 


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