Sgo Stacks “Golden Child”

by NO JUMPER on February 27, 2021

Written by Logan Woodard

Under a week ago Sgo Stacks released their mellow but fierce single titled “Golden Child.” It’s accompanied with a schematic video featuring Sgo’s camp, filmed in what appears to be their hometown of Gary, Indiana. The record is subtle yet prolific in its nature, with Sgo spitting lines like “They say I’m good but I feel I’m excellent,” and “I’ve taken my losses, it’s time to go flex a win.”  The beat keeps a tidy and strong foundation, giving Sgo plenty of room to paint their tales. It’s revitalizing to keep in mind that most rap songs today are quick and to the point, most not even stretching past the 2:30 minute mark. However, in this track from Sgo, we get a 4 minute track, glued together with 3 strong verses and a heartening hook. Something that’s really become “stone age” these days.

When we think of the moniker “golden child,” we tend to directly associate it with family structure. A “golden child” is the sibling or child in the family who tends to be the favorite or most favored. They are often held in high regards and have a tendency to receive the most praise. Whether it’s based on talent, smarts, or etc, the title of “golden child” has often found use in places like work, pop culture, or even major league sports. We see Sgo setting the stage for themselves; they rap “I walked in the ring with no coat or no towel, but I ain’t gone’ say I’m a broken child. Imma just say I’m a golden child.” Stacks realizes the odds that can be built against you from birth, and the overwhelming luck one must have to overcome those odds. However, in their case, luck is not enough. It takes hard work and manifestation.

With the little that we know of Sgo Stacks, the rapper’s prominence is justified and we can see that there will be no turning back on the rise to stardom. More will be revealed from Stacks and her team, and we can’t wait to see what new hits are next in line. Look into Sgo Stacks and check out the video for “Golden Child” below.


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