Sharc “Gang Pop”

by NO JUMPER on July 16, 2021

By: Logan Woodard

Sosshouse artist Sharc brings us a video for “Gang Pop” off his recent debut project titled 47 Meters Down. Sharc brings a unique voice to Pierre Bourne production here that not many artists beyond the Sosshouse collective have a chance to. This feels like one of the more stylish, colorful beats by Pierre Bourne that, luckily, got to see the light of day. It doesn’t carry your typical cadence that most rap and hip-hop songs have at their core. There are little claps and snares here to compliment the kick and 808’s, and to classic audiophile, that might strike at their core. Simplistic melody with a unique drum pattern combined with Sharc’s one of a kind voice is what makes Gang Pop so interesting to listen to. 

Visuals can make or break the experience for the listener when hearing a song they particularly enjoy. Though this music video is simplified and to the point, watching Sharc enjoy himself on the side of a snowy mountain snowboarding or flowing for the camera in a lavish pad is riveting enough. The audio is truly more important at the end of the day, and an artist like Sharc knows that. Not to mention, the Sosshouse rapper is dripped down in Chrome Hearts, North Face winter-wear, and more. Joint in hand, Sharc is living vivaciously as he should. 

There is little info on Sharc and his prior history in the world of rap music, but one thing we can insinuate is that him being backed by a legend like Pierre Bourne is compelling on its own. Listed on the Sosshouse roster with other great artists like Chavo, Jelly, Bermuda Yae, Frazier Trill, and J-Billz just goes to show the level of confidence and certainty that Bourne has for Sharc. There are many more bangers on his debut 47 Meters Down that are definitely worth checking out aside from Gang Pop, such as “Purple Rafs”, “100 Clip”, and “Yes Sir.”  I’d recommend familiarizing yourself with the young gun and telling a friend. 


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