by NO JUMPER on March 12, 2021

Written by Logan Woodard

East-St. Louis rapper Comethazine is diving head first into the world of label management with his first and newest signee Skurt!. Hench Mafia Records is the name of his newest venture and about a week ago, it’s prime product (Skurt!) blessed us with a peek into the world of Comethazine’s Hench Mafia. Cabelas is the precise definition of anti-melody, 808-driven hit making; as to which Hench Mafia founder Comethazine is one of many pioneers of. Skurt! is a perfect blend of rappers like SSG Splurge and Comathazine, but with a tone eerily similar to a rapper like MadeInTYO. 

In the video, we find the rapper knocking down bars over a low-end driven beat while working in a diner of sorts. The monotonous, dragging undertones of a day job blanketed over him; he leans towards a sense of pointlessness and conclusion and takes a puff of his blunt while in his workspace. To kick the track off, he raps: “I know who I am and I can stand on being savage. Digital and worldwide, I don’t got time for ratchets.” There is a strong satire presented in the video; as we have Skurt! rapping such intense, hard bars while in the midst of such a plain and boring job. The visuals are simple but also present strong colors. It’s quite compelling to see that Comethazine shot, directed, and edited the video himself. Not only getting in his P-Diddy bag, but also his Hype Williams, Director X bag of tricks as well. If we dig deep into Comethazine’s selection of music video style, settings, and editing; it appears as if he really is looking to take his vision to the next level. He’s no stranger to outlandish and polished videos to get his vigorous, forceful style of music across. It’s a sort of comedic mockery to today’s standard of rap, trap, and hip-hop music videos. Which is exactly the recipe we see here with Skurt’s first official release as a solo artist. 

There’s true potential here with Skurt!: an undeniable stage presence, unique style of rapping, vision, etc. The paths can easily diverge and create many different opportunities for this new rapper and his newly founded label. Aside from various music videos released on Youtube, we have no previous official tapes or releases by the new rapper. That being said, we’re hoping to get quite a few more loosies from Skurt and eventually an official debut album later in the year. One could assume that there is no doubt it will blow up with such a strong, creative mind like Comethazine behind him. Go run up “Cabelas” by Skurt! in the link down below.


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