Snubbs "Lil Durk"

by Yasmeen Brown on January 18, 2021

Snubbs is an artist from the westside of Harlem, NY. He recently dropped a song called “Durk”. Snubbs is a lyricist. While he does use some melodies and harmonizes on this track, he begins with solid bars. In the record, Snubbs talks about how his only competition is himself.  Lines such as “These n***gas swear they be beefing with me , but I swear I don’t know these n***gas exist” are highlighting the fact that he has tunnel vision and only cares about his own growth and a petty beef is the last thing on his mind. There’s so many quotable, relatable bars in this song and if you like real rap this is an artist who does a great job at spitting and harmonies. Check out Snubbs - Lil Durk

by Harlem Bee on January 20, 2021

I’ve been following that dude SNUBBS for years. He is one of the most underrated artist of our time! I’m speaking FACTS! When I met him he was most humblest dude hands down! If you don’t believe me go to his GRAM! SNUBBALITO

by YimLittyyyy on January 20, 2021


Ps. ItsTheLittleLeague ⚾️


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