by Yasmeen Brown on January 06, 2021

SSGKobe is a promising newer artist from Louisiana. While his name has floated around for the last two years, he’s someone you need to be tapped in with now. SSGKobe has consistently been dropping heat for the past few months. Songs like “Sandlot” and “Wyd ?” are both doing fairly well on streaming platforms with over 150,000 plus views on youtube each.  His latest drop “FNF” didn’t disappoint either. He has a way with floating on his records and his tone is infectious, it genuinely makes you want to listen more.

SSGKobe opens his verse on “FNF” with “open the door baby let me in, you the reason why I got anxiety”. He describes suffering anxiety, depression and sadness as a result of losing people close to him and watching his mother cry. While he speaks on being vulnerable, kobe also makes it very clear he’s not with none of the fu*k sh*t any more and he doesn’t understand why dudes would try him. Lyrics such as “ Sadness, depression, anger, aggression; I walk in with my weapon and you know I got techs in” really painting the picture that he has indeed suffered PTSD from his own life experiences and by seeing how issues can get handled being in that environment. As for the video for “FNF”, it’s fairly simple. It’s definitely a display of “less is more”. Just a bunch of guys racing and doing donuts in an empty lot.

Overall, at just the age of 17, SSGKobe is doing something that isn’t done by artists as young as him and that’s tapping into his trauma over a dope ass beat with a light melodic voice. SSGKobe has hinted at dropping a new song and or project on his instagram recently and we’re excited to hear what he’s got in store.  Until then make sure you tune into the “FNF” video below.




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