SSG Splurge “Gun Fetish”

by Yasmeen Brown on February 26, 2021

It’s rare to find rap songs now-days that are sonically driven by verses only, bare to the bone, no hooks, etc. However, Texas-born rapper SSG Splurge is on a musical odyssey to change just that. His songs are enigmatically formulaic, rooting in heavy driven 808’s and no melodies whatsoever. HIs vocals are gritty in sound, but soft in tone. It’s as if Splurge is a sort of “ASMR” figure turned rapper. Choose any track by the late rapper that you can find and you instantly come to an understanding of just what’s at play here; however, it ends up becoming more compelling to one’s ear as you dive deeper into his catalog. One can’t forget, however, that we really wouldn’t be able to capture the overall picture of Splurge’s sound unless we mention his the key to his foundation: a producer named Beat By Jeff. Jeff is what really gives Splurge’s tracks life. He creates such heavily distorted 808’s that bounce along with the drums, almost becoming a melody of their own. But, in the scope of things, that’s what the Texas rapper needs: a solid foundation and room to breathe so that his lyrics and unique vocals can really fill that space up. 

On February 5th, Splurge gave us his video for his new song “Gun Fetish.” We have Splurge and his boys kickin’ back at a crib, blowing down packs, sitting ‘round a campfire, listening to the rapper really explain his affection for guns. One thing you can find interesting is that Splurge, while explaining his deep connection and love for guns, you find none in the video. Aside from the 3D-generated images, they are hidden amongst the shadows you could say. I find that it really speaks to his calculatedness and tells the viewers something very obvious. The video was directed by @Jmoney1041, a frequent collaborator with Splurge and someone who really catches the essence of the skeletal framework that is his music. 

While releasing loosies through the end of 2019, we did receive a good amount of work from Splurge in 2020, giving us 3 mixtape-esque projects titled “Goop Tape,” “Goop Too,” and “Biggest Gooper.” He’s also given us a handful of singles to start off the new year of 2021. It’s inevitable that SSG Splurge will stay on top of his game and keep putting out unique music that is true to himself and doesn’t stray away from his formula. As far as his trajectory, we can’t say where the Texas rapper might end up, but one thing we can assume is that the Biggest Gooper is just here to make intensely-mesmerizing music. 


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