SSGKobe “Don’t Miss”

by Aidan C Werder on January 31, 2022

On Friday, Soundcloud phenom SSGKobe dropped his latest genre-bending single, “Don’t Miss” accompanied by an eye-popping fantasy-themed music video - once again proving that Ko don’t miss. 


The 17-year-old SSGKobe is known for his totally original style and unbelievably well-developed sound, cleverly riding the line somewhere between hip hop, pop, House, Rage, and Plugg to create a fresh, forward-thinking sound to carry us into the new decade. If it had to be classified you might call it “polished Soundcloud Rap”... but those in the know would call it the future of pop. 


“Don’t Miss” is a perfect example of Kobe’s hugely compelling style, opening slowly with one of his signature high-pitched ad libs before a dramatic bass drop - with Kobe’s distinct vocal somehow falling perfectly on the huge, incredibly busy electronic production. While it might sound confusing at first, it quickly becomes clear that every choice is intentional; mimicking traditional song structure with new-age sounds to create a hugely dynamic, energy-filled, and completely original sounding track that sounds like it was pulled off the Top Radio Hits of 2032.


In the insane fever dream of a music video directed by Rock and Egg, we see Kobe being pursued by a team of faceless goons before ducking into what is apparently a magical classroom. Then, we see him combine several enchanted ingredients, cooking up a wand like Hermione in Potions class before using it to take out the masked pursuers armed with more traditional weapons. This might be a stretch but perhaps as a metaphor for the way Kobe cooks up magic in a dark room before popping up out of nowhere with a fully formed masterpiece. 


One of the things that separates Kobe from the rest of the pack is his versatility - sounding equally strong whether he’s rapping (see: “Calabasas”), singing (see: “MIA”), or entering that third, high-pitched autotune gear that the new wave of Soundcloud artists can’t seem to get enough of. He is also incredibly intentional about the songs and visuals he puts out, taking time to carefully craft his sound and image - thoughtfully dropping highly produced, one-off singles at just the right time. It’s entirely possible that this has something to do with Ko’s secret weapon, the mysterious tastemaker and all-around cool kid, Zack Bia. 


Overall, “Don’t Miss” is yet another example of SSGKobe not missing - while at the same time bringing the originality, vibes, and unapologetic creativity that today’s music landscape has been missing. 


Check out the video for SSGKobe’s “Don’t Miss” below. 


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