Stunna Gambino “Demons”

by Yasmeen Brown on February 04, 2021

If you’re into artists such as Lil Durk, Roddy Ricch and J.I then you will definitely become a fan of Stunna Gambino. Stunna Gambino is a New York City artist who marries melodies and bars much like the artists listed. His voice is so distinct you can instantly tell when he’s on a track. He dropped “Demons” about a month ago and has gained over 2 million views on youtube.

The song describes the trials and tribulations he’s faced when it comes to being in the streets and dealing with personal hardships.  Lyrics such as “I get lost up in my feelings I got trust issues so I move around with killers... Bitch I am a vulture don't confuse me for a villain” suggest Stunna has also had issues in his own personal relationships in which he developed trust issues. The song has a great balance of both harmonies and relatable lyrics. At the end of it all, he is telling his story and it does include a street element but there are points made throughout the song that everyone can identify with.

Check out “Demons” by Stunna Gambino.



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