Swank Gallagher “Akimbo”

by NO JUMPER on August 24, 2021

Written by Logan Woodard

Swank Gallagher isn’t the usual underground rapper you might stumble upon in the year 2021. He poses a gritty but smooth voice with a stern flow, almost akin to a rapper like Sada Baby or even Isaiah Rashad. There lingers a subtle but perfect blend of modern trap-rap, classic hip-hop resurrectionist such as Griselda, and even a small embodiment of “dirty south” rap music. It wouldn’t even be a stretch to say there might be a little bit of Big K.R.I.T in there as well. Nonetheless, “Akimbo” presents Swank in a lush japanese garden, with a glorious amount of pastel color that is mellow to the eye. Portrayed as a Yasuke, Samurai-Champloo type character, Swank gets straight to it, wielding a samurai sword in hand. Little is known about Swank Gallagher and his history making music. Though a majority of his music has been released just this year, it could be inferred that he’s been creating music for a lot longer due to the fluent and facile rapping presented here on Akimbo. Maybe a name change or something of the sorts could be the case; however, it's safe to say Swank has enough energy and talent in him to really make a name for himself. Being multidimensional as a rap artist has almost become, at its core, beyond integral to stay somewhat relevant.. It peaks interest in more than just the casual rap music fan’s brain. Music fans who delve deep into the sub-genres feed off artists such as this. It’d be interesting to see a low-key artist like Swank Gallagher create that wave for himself. Check out “Akimbo” in the link below and a huge shout out to Perfect Plug for hosting the video.

His lively and direct nature shows not only in his bars but in the way they are  rapped to the listener. This is not only a rapper but an artist who could easily body many other styles of rapping and beats. Akimbo almost seems to be a breeze to Gallagher, spitting trouble-free over sample-heavy production led by crisp drums and gorgeous strings. 


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