by NO JUMPER on April 20, 2021

Written by Logan Woodard

With over ten official projects released in his short but thriving career, Chattanooga rapper Thouxanbandfauni is nearing his prime with his new 2021 release titled “Time Of My Life.” This wavy project features a track titled “T. Titan” which dropped with a music video just days ago. His most reminiscent, rooted track on the project, T. Titan takes us back to a 2015 Thouxanbanfauni, with a cloudy and soothing trap beat in which he effortlessly flows on. His cadence is gratifying, creating a cohesive organism of a rap song unlike we typically see in what some might call an oversaturated genre. The video glorifies Fauni’s position in his life currently: partying, celebrating the lust for life, and manufacturing good music. “Real Chatt’, Tennessee titan,” he raps, alluding to his roots and where he was raised. Though we might not see ‘Fauni as a piece in the puzzle of Southern rap music, we can surely agree that he has put on for his city nonetheless. 

It’s refreshing to witness a rapper like him untie himself from a vibrant, capsulating sound like southern trap music. Instead of clinging to the rod, he has catapulted himself far into the stratosphere of rap music, contributing to different sounds and genres such as cloud rap, pop-trap, and even mumble rap as some old-heads would call it. But let us not box the new wave rapper in just yet, because with his last two releases, Thouxanbanfauni is looking to experiment with his rapping abilities and style even more. Hip-Hop tends to cycle through certain phases that itself has seen before. We’ve seen eccentricism time and time again, weaving in and out of Hip-hop’s rooted foundation that is simply a beat and thought-provoking lyricism. Will we approach a time like that again? Where the flashy, pop-driven hits die out and rebirths a strong, youthful sound that completely revolves around what’s being said, instead of what’s being shown? History often repeats itself in any walk of life; however, in theory, a rapper like Thouxandbanfauni fears the change not. His skillset is constantly growing as we see on his latest projects. It’d be interesting to witness it.

T.Titan is an invigorating track that’s perfect for a late night drive, after party, or any calm time in the day where someone is looking to just vibe and tune out. Check it out in the link below.


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