Tee Grizzley "Gave That Back" ft. Baby Grizzley

by king vashti on February 01, 2021

Tee Grizzley and his brother, Baby Grizzley, teamed up again for their brand new collaboration, "Gave That Back." The video opens up with the two brothers standing in front of a huge lit up "DETROIT" sign and then trading bars sitting back to back in the next scene. Their mother, who was formerly incarcerated and released last year, makes a cameo appearance sporting a red Detroit hat and flashing money.

Off top, it's clear that the song serves as a family matter. "Me and broski twinnin, winnin, rappin', still will twist yo cap, gave my momma all that time; she did ten and gave that back. Now your kids rich, momma blew 80 stacks and made that back."

Baby Grizzley slides in for the first verse: "My n***a Tee the sergeant, neighborhood locksmith. Uberin' with Ks, five stars, get a top lift. If I gotta stand tall, I'm a drop shit. Westside, thirty on the Wesson, call it Glocksmith."

Last year, Tee Grizzley released The Smartest, a 17 track project that offers guest appearances from Meek Mill, Lil Baby, Queen Naija, Lil Keed, and more. After officially signing to Tee Grizzley's imprint, Grizzley Gang, Baby Grizzley treated fans to his debut single "Add It Up." Shortly after, the brothers traded bars on their collab single "Twin Grizzlies."

A few days following the "Gave That Back" video release, Baby Grizzley, born Marcellus Wallace, was indicted on a federal gun charge. The indictment comes just four months after Tee Grizzley greeted his younger brother at the prison gates. — Tee Grizzley revealed on his Instagram that after hearing the news of his brother's situation, he was "crushed."

The video has since racked over a million views on Youtube.

Check it out below.


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